Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2922 13.10.1943

Willing acceptance of the divine gifts ....
Adversary ....

It would be presumptuous not to accept God's grace, which He so lovingly offers to people in order to save them from spiritual adversity .... It would be presumptuous if the gift from heaven were recognised as such and yet rejected ..... But people's spiritual state is dark and God's adversary rages amongst them who clouds their thinking and tries to turn them away from God. And his influence succeeds in determining people to reject the gifts of heaven. For his power is very great and people's will is weakened.

And even the struggling human being often succumbs to his influence because he lacks the heartfelt devotion, the unhesitating trust in God's protection and help, because he does not let God's strength affect him without resistance and because every resistance clouds his clear judgement. It is an apparent strength of will and yet an extremely weakened will which is unable to give up resistance because it is utterly oppressed by the forces which want to corrupt it. The spiritual gifts which God offers to people must lead to God as soon as their strength flows towards the human being, which, however, only results in their willing acceptance. And this strength expresses itself in peaceful realisation.

The human being, who until now has been a seeker, is aware that he has found what he is looking for, and he is delighted by this realisation, which solves many questions and gives him the inner peace of being sheltered by the divine Father's heart. Divine gifts must also exert a truly divine influence on people, they must educate them to love, gentleness and patience, to mercy and peaceableness. However, its influence must not be resisted by not recognising its divine origin, otherwise God's gift of grace would restrict people in their freedom of faith and will.

The power from God can only be effective where it is received with an open heart, where it is desired and thus also acknowledged. And thus countless threads from the beyond to earth are left unheeded, forces flow to earth which could have an unspeakably liberating effect on people if they were granted entrance. But human will closes itself against this, and this resistance cannot be broken by force, the human being's will has to become active itself, he has to be willing to let the good take effect on him and through this willingness withdraw from the forces of darkness. He must want the truth to come to him, that he will attain realisation, and in this will trustingly hand himself over to the supreme strength, so that it will guide and protect him from all error. .... The human being is incapable of doing anything on his own, yet if he asks for God's help he will be enlightened in spiritual adversity .... and then he will no longer reject what is offered to him as a divine gift through God's great love ....



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