Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2923 13.10.1943

Fight or Serve ....
Humility ....
Humility ....

In order to reach maturity the human being has to overcome resistance because his ascent is only possible if he fights or serves. The apostasy from God took place in self-conceit, in the wrong assumption to be so powerful that the being could renounce God, that it would also be in full possession of strength without Him. And thus the spiritual being wanted to rule next to God in order to place itself above God by increasing its own strength. And now it has to take the path backwards .... in order to be able to rule with God it first has to recognise its lack of strength and then struggle and ask for the strength it lacks, in deepest humility it has to serve God and the spiritual essence which is associated with Him .....

It must fight or serve, thus overcome itself, it must emerge from its arrogance into humility and now strive for the strength it once possessed and proved itself unworthy of. So it must produce the proof of worthiness and testify to this through struggling and serving. Then the spiritual develops to the height .... But if the feeling of dominance is too strongly developed in the human being, then he must fight against it, he must fight against himself. And this is considerably more difficult. He should also practise humility towards his neighbour, he has to get rid of his arrogance towards God by turning towards his fellow human beings in serving love.

These are also God's creatures, and they should be treated as human beings before God and not be regarded as beneath Him, but as equals. And since man is a ruling nature, he must overcome himself greatly if he wants to comply with this requirement. He must serve where he wanted to rule; he must wrestle where he believed he could rule. Only in this way can he develop to the height, for his nature will earn him many resistances from which he can mature. And he will not have overcome himself until he gives up his former arrogance, until he stands small and humble before God and desires to be united with Him ....



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