Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2932 20.u.21.10.1943

Signal to work for God and His kingdom ....

Don't let an hour go by unused and remember that the day is approaching which shall put an end to the raging of the nations. Therefore you must constantly work for the kingdom of God, you must fulfil your task, you must constantly work on yourselves in order to be able to start working on your fellow human beings' souls. For your great work still lies ahead of you .... that you shall instruct your fellow human beings and bring the Word of God closer to them .... Your work will be preceded by severe suffering and you will have to prove your faith yourselves, for you will experience a day and a night which will eclipse everything that has happened so far.

What you are about to experience is something the world has not yet experienced on this scale .... And yet, you will receive the strength to be spiritually active, for the time must be used when people are receptive, when they are receptive to the divine Word and when it should be preached to them everywhere and at all times. And therefore you may confidently look forward to this time, you will not be defenceless and without strength, for He Who has chosen you to work for Him will also provide you with His strength and grace when the hour has come for you to prove yourselves. For God will soon show Himself in His power ....

Then spiritual hunger will set in for a short time and people will be receptive to God's Word, they will desire clarification and a lively reflection will begin because people will seek an explanation for the event which took place without human will. And then you will have to speak without shyness and without restraint, you will have to make them aware of their wrong way of life and point out to them the lack of loving activity. Then you will have to remind them of the commandments of love, and you will have to teach them that only unselfish love can avert the severe suffering from earth, that only the loving person is able to endure it. And you will have to promote the kingdom of God and emphasise the transience of all earthly things.

And if you therefore want to serve God in this way, that you bring souls to Him and increase His kingdom on earth, you will not lack strength, even though you will then be hindered in your earthly activity. What God tells you to do should be fulfilled first and foremost, then He will always consider you according to your activity. For in the coming time He will need eager servants on earth, and every labourer in His vineyard will soon feel the blessing of His work and become ever more eager .... And therefore do not fear that you will not be able to fulfil your task because the external resistance is too great .... There are no obstacles for the strength from God, and the strength from God will always be victorious.

Therefore request the strength from God and use it by being willing to serve God. For the will combined with strength becomes action, and as soon as you are active for the kingdom of God you are already working with the help of the strength from God. The time is no longer far away and every hour must therefore be utilised so that you can expect the day well prepared which signifies a change in your life, which is the signal for you that your earthly task is now beginning. And then don't hesitate for long but work while it is still day .... Pray to inform people of My working, of My will to guide people into truth, inform them of My love for every one of My living creations and announce to them the near end, which forms the conclusion of a redemptive era .... and admonish them to seriously prepare themselves for this near end ....



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