Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 3240 01.09.1944

Life ....
Awakening the divine spark in the person ....

The divine spiritual spark in the human being is his actual life, consequently, one can only speak of rebirth when the spirit in the human being has been awakened, when it can start to become active and thus the spiritual life begins .... In that case the human being is spiritually reborn, for his physical birth only makes sense and serves its purpose when spiritual rebirth has taken place. The divine spiritual spark has consciously been acknowledged by the person's soul even if the person is not yet able to rationally differentiate between the two concepts of soul and spirit. For the process of unification of spirit and soul can happen without a person's knowledge, since this is only conveyed to him when it occurred. Only then will the spirit explain to the soul what the unity of the spirit with the soul means, and only then will the soul strive towards ever closer union with its spirit and will accept the most valuable knowledge from it. And from then on the human being will be alive, that is, he will utilise his knowledge and consciously work for the kingdom of God; he will eagerly work at distributing the obtained information and at imparting the knowledge to his fellow human beings .... Life is continuous activity .... Admittedly, the human being is certainly physically alive without having awakened his indwelling spiritual spark, that is, he is active in an earthly way and thus works for his earthly life, for his body and for earthly goals. But this is not the true life, the life which is everlasting, the life Jesus had spoken about and which He promised to anyone who believes in Him .... True life is the never-ending life of the spirit, the attainment of which is the purpose of life on earth. This purpose will only be achieved when the human being's spirit has come to life.

Spiritual rebirth is the most worthwhile goal to strive for, because it will yield indescribable gain for the human being's soul. That which is offered by the earth is impermanent and only benefits the body but never the soul. In contrast, what the spirit offers the soul will refresh it and quench its thirst, it is its nourishment, thus it is strength for living; it is a precious commodity which can no longer perish, which induces happiness and encourages diligent activity and therefore can be called the elixir of life, because death, which previously had threatened the soul and would be its inevitable share had rebirth not taken place, will no longer be possible. The carnal body is the shell which harbours the divine spark and it is up to the person's free will as to whether he bursts the shell, whether he strives to awaken the Divine within himself to life. If the soul, the bearer of the will, turns towards the divine spirit by trying to penetrate the shell, by trying to liberate itself from all earthly wishes, from bad habits and vices, if it tries to dissolve the shell through activity of love, the divine spiritual spark will start to move, it will make contact with the human being's soul, it will help it rise above itself, it will constantly whisper advice and instructions and thus guide the soul as soon as it allows itself to be guided. From then on the divine spark in the person will take the lead and this will truly be right .... Then the spirit and soul will no longer oppose each other but pursue their goal together .... they will strive towards the eternal home and pay no attention to the body, the earth and everything of an earthly nature, even though the human being still lives on earth. The human being is alive, even if earthly matters are of no further interest to him, for his spirit is alive and is constantly active. The human being only works for the spiritual kingdom, for the kingdom of God, he works at improving himself and his fellow human beings, he is incessantly active, for the indwelling spiritual spark will not allow him to rest, that is, to rest idly, as it is harmful and synonymous with death .... with a state which is painful in eternity and should therefore be feared as the worst fate that can befall the human soul. However, once the spirit has come alive then death will no longer exist, for the spirit is immortal and also draws the soul into eternal life, into everlasting glory ....




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