Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 3318 4. - 5.11.1944

The powerful voice of God ....
The end of the battle ....

The voice of God will sound loudly and insistently and the fate of the nations will be decided upon for God Himself will, by means of the powers of nature, pronounce the decision. And nobody will be able to oppose His judgement for it will be just and will strike those people who have caused great misery and who don't want to acknowledge their wrong. It will be an exceedingly sad event and countless people will loose their lives, and the event is also unstoppable because people cannot be shaken by anything that human will manages to accomplish and will therefore have to be disturbed by an event which cannot be turned away or terminated by human will, and it will for this reason cause great horror because everyone will visualize death facing them and will have to get ready for the transitory end. And this event is moving closer and closer, day by day passes by without the changing of mankind, and the forbearance of God keeps on waiting in order to still grant an opportunity to mankind to change until His voice will sound.

But now the world event, too, is turning towards its end because the natural phenomenon is preparing itself, because the interior of the earth is turning into a turmoil and is just waiting for the moment where God grants the natural powers freedom to unleash. For people find no end to it; that's why God intervenes and puts a stop to it. Bad happenings are terminated but even worse ones will be their consequences, for people are in terrible distress and are at a great loss in facing the natural powers. They can't either flee nor halt or reduce their [the power's] raging, they are at their mercy and have but one Savior whom they can entrust themselves in their misery, Whom they can call upon for help and who has the power to help them.

Yet, only a few accept Him, few feel they are guilty, humbly awaiting His judgement in recognition of their sinfulness. And God will certainly look after those few in the hours of destruction which divine will is going to call for because there's no other way for the spiritual need to be eliminated and the earthly misery, caused by human will, is continuously increased. And because people are finding no end to it, God establishes the end of a battle involving the whole earth. And there will be a cry of horror rebounding from across the earth leaving people petrified, for the extent of the catastrophe leaves everybody prick up their ears and trembling for a [possible] repetition. And this is the intention of God for the whole humanity to take part of it, to listen to His judgement, to recognize the guilty ones and [also] God's righteousness. Because every fighting party still believes to be in the right; power alone and not the right is still being valued and God's blessing cannot remain on actions that are detestable, because they violate against the divine commandment of love ....

And God will punish people with the same they do ....only, His work of destruction is much more colossal so that He may by that be recognized by them. For the spiritual, too, still constrained, is indignant when torn away from the divine order and feels this condition painfully ; even though it became free by human will it cannot enjoy its freedom for it is not the freedom of completeness, but it's because the opportunity of an activity is taken away from the spiritual, about which it is indignant. And it will get active wherever there is an opportunity given to it. But, particularly, it will combine with the still bound spiritual and try to entice it, to likewise blast its shell, at which action it is supportive. By that, it tries to force man to again act constructively for the purpose of providing new possibilities to enter new creations, as a continuation for its development.

And God does not hinder the spiritual having become free by human will, as He also gives His consent when matter in the interior of the earth moves, when the spiritual strives for the light and attempts to blast its shell. For a short time, God withdraws His will and He lets the will of the spiritual have its way which, however since it is still completely immature, means a work of destruction of a monstrous extent. And thus the human will is opposed by another will which outdoes the first one, seemingly lacking every divine love and wisdom and which finds the full consent of God.

Yet mankind does not bow down before God, it does not put an end to their battle of annihilation, it is possessed by demons, and lets themselves be driven by them. It is more and more enslaved to the evil power and proves this by its works and actions. And in order to put a stop to this decline God's will and omnipotence steps into obvious action. He shakes the earth and mankind with it so that it may come to its senses and change. For it is the last time that there can still be used for the souls. And therefore God lets His voice sound powerfully and massively, and He calls upon people: Put a stop to your raging, which means dragging your souls into ruin; change before it is too late and remember Him Who rules over heaven and earth Who is your Creator and Sustainer and Whose love you treat with disrespect. You on your earth, take heed for it is about to happen ....




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