Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 3396 07.01.1945

Period of grace until the divine intervention ....

It will still take a little while before God will visibly manifest Himself, before the cycle will be completed, before the hour has come when the extent of human atrocities has gone too far. Yet it will not be a long period of time, you humans are given only very brief period of grace in order to distance yourselves from those behaving disgracefully before God because they violate their fellow human being in a most ruthless way .... However, God allows it to come to the worst so that people will still learn to recognise which way they are heading .... For only this realisation will motivate them to change. Every day is important since for many people it is the last one, it can be decisive for the whole of eternity, but many others will only have a few days left until their temporal end has come, and this is why God still hesitates although the event is inevitable and His plan has been determined from the beginning. However, people's low level gave rise to it much sooner, their heartlessness already made the day overdue before its time, so that every day is still a gift of grace by God bestowed upon humanity by His forbearance and mercy. And thus every day can still be utilised and offers many people the opportunity to change, if only they are of good will. Therefore they are constantly informed of the divine intervention, both through His Word as well as through people's exchange of ideas who are mentally advised from above about the forthcoming event. Everyone can form an opinion about that which is imparted to him, everyone can think about the events in the world as well as the end of it, and the thought of an supernatural intervention in world events will not just occur to a few and then a person will still be able to hold himself to account regarding his attitude towards good and evil.

Every human being will be warned, directly and indirectly, and if heeds the warning he can derive benefit for his soul. For then he will also recognise the divine intervention as such, he will learn to believe and be saved, even if he loses his earthly life. And because God still wants to open people's ears for His call He will not sound His voice prematurely .... Yet the designated period of time cannot be exceeded according to divine order .... And people should assume that every day is the announced one when He reveals Himself and His Power. For what He has proclaimed will happen without fail, God merely keeps the time concealed. Yet the day will come like a thief in the night .... unexpectedly and causing a large amount of material damage .... And it will only not feared by someone whose heart no longer clings to earthly goods, who has united himself with God and knows himself always and forever protected by Him. These, however, are instructed by Him to constantly refer people to the fact that He will manifest Himself, and to admonish them to choose the right path with leads to Him, so that they, too, will take refuge in Him in the hour of affliction and find protection and help in Him ....




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