Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 3628 16.12.1945

Thoughts from the spiritual kingdom ....

Thoughts flow to you from the spiritual kingdom, if you are spiritually minded and therefore also look for contact with the enlightened beings of the spiritual kingdom. Consequently, every thought can be a blessing for you provided you sincerely want to become enlightened, thus to know the truth. Yet in order to be taken care of by helpful spiritual beings it is also always necessary for you to conduct your life in accordance with God's will, since you are also surrounded by forces of darkness which seek to lead your thoughts astray. And you yourselves reject or allow their access to you, depending on your conduct in life, on your will and your attitude towards God and towards good.

And therefore you have to seriously scrutinise yourselves whether you strive to live in keeping with God's will, whether you want the truth. You must know that thoughts are the activity of spiritual beings in the beyond which they try to convey to you, and that you allow yourselves to be influenced by forces which you draw to yourselves by your way of life and your will. For this reason you have to observe your thoughts whether they lead towards God or divert you from believing in God. Every good thought teaching love and referring to God is the activity of good spiritual forces, and you should take it up and let yourselves be affected by it, for as soon as you pay attention to it, it will also shape your way of life and be beneficial for your soul.

But as soon as you pray to God for correct thinking, good spiritual beings will always be your teachers and guides, they will influence your thoughts and also try to transmit spiritual concepts which will heighten your maturity of soul; they will provide you with power of perception which will enable you to render the activity of evil forces ineffective by instantly recognising it as error and rejecting it. If you unite yourselves with God, if you live intending to please Him, then you will not have to fear evil spiritual forces which deceive your thoughts, for you give yourselves into the hands of good spiritual beings which will take loving care of you and direct your thoughts such that they will correspond to the truth and promote your spiritual development, because you strive for it yourselves ....



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