Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 3647 04.01.1946

Two worlds ....
Divine law of love ....

Divine law requires love, consequently everything unloving is ungodly, it is very distant from God, it is His adversary's part which is entirely without love and for this reason he is God's direct opposite. God and His adversary rule over two worlds which will always stay apart until the law of love is fulfilled and unites both worlds. Nevertheless, God's power also extends to the world where His law is ignored, because everything in this world emerged from God too, it has merely distanced itself from His sphere of love. And His power shows itself in as much as that He also rules in the kingdom of the heartless, i.e. he directs all events in accordance with His will. In spite of God's adversary having great strength and power at his disposal, it is nevertheless limited and does not extend to the works of divine creative power, it does not extend to the creations in whom heartlessness was constrained in order to change itself into love .... In this state the spirit, which had previously fallen away from God, is isolated from His adversary's power and compelled to fulfil the law of love, although its will does not yet determine its actions. It enables the spirit to cross more easily from the ungodly world into God's world when it is permitted to undergo this test on earth.

But then the power of God's adversary comes into its own and with cunning and force seeks to hold on to the spiritual essence of his world .... He tries to increase its heartlessness, he attempts to make it give up the divine, he endeavours to withhold from it the divine law of love and make it wholly inclined to his wishes .... But God in His merciful love will not leave the spirit to His adversary without a fight. During the last stage as a human being He will repeatedly give him the knowledge of His law of love, he will constantly approach the person by requesting love and offering him the opportunity to fulfil the divine commandment. He will present His world to him, either in thoughts or through his fellow human beings, and thus will urge him to make a decision for one of both worlds. And if he is willing to carry out the requirements of divine law, if he is willing to apply love, he will also recognise the right path leading to the kingdom of light. He will see the darkness of the realm which belongs to God's opponent, he will see the consequences of heartlessness as he recognises the strength of love, and he will voluntarily submit himself to divine law .... He will shape himself into love and therefore be an applicant to the spiritual kingdom, the world which belongs to God .... He will renounce God's adversary in order to belong to God eternally, Who is love in Himself, because he has become love itself ....




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