Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 3660 18.01.1946

Strength of faith ....
Help in every need ....

You may ask for My help in every need even though the fulfilment of your request seems impossible to you. Only then will you understand the strength of faith when the remarkable guidance of My will resolves this need as a result. My power and My love copes with what appears impossible to you .... providing your prayer shows Me a strong faith, providing you entrust yourselves unto Me with complete confidence .... Therefore, take refuge in Me with all your needs, tell Me your problems, relinquish your worries and fears, and appeal for My help .... And truly, I won't let you call in vain when your prayer expresses profound faith and you humbly await My help. Hence you need not fear anymore, providing you firmly believe .... The deeply devout human being belongs to Me eternally, he belongs to My Church, he is one of those whom I will never leave and who therefore always enjoys My protection too.

But now, for the sake of other people and even for yourselves, as a test of faith I send worldly perils time after time that you should prove yourselves, that your fellow human beings should find Me and through you find evidence of strength of faith, that they too should learn to believe and thus reduce their spiritual poverty. And although everything takes place in accordance with My plan of eternity, the faithful human being need not fear anything because My guidance is miraculous, My power is more than great, and My love always finds a solution to every problem for those who belong to Me. Thus, what is unavoidably necessary for the whole of humanity, what it perceives as hardship and misery, can leave someone with complete trust in Me utterly unimpressed; he need not be affected by it even though he stands right in the centre of an event which the entire human race identifies as disastrous because he holds on to My hand and this guides him safely and unharmed through all difficulties. You are able to banish everything with a firm faith, and neither people nor spiritual forces can harm you if you escape to Me with a firm faith, entrust yourselves unto Me and unconditionally abandon yourselves to Me and My mercy.

I, however, know the strength of faith in every single person, and his destiny is arranged in accordance with his faith .... But in order to become perfect the soul has to struggle for this strong faith, it cannot be given to the soul without its contribution, without its aspiration and sincere prayer. But someone who struggles for deep, steadfast faith will also attain it because his prayer is for spiritual wealth and won't remain unheard. Therefore he is confronted time and again with events which should deepen his prayer, which are intended to strengthen the faith. Hence you may turn to Me with all your needs and ask Me for prevention or help .... And I certainly won't disappoint you, I will always be ready to help, so that you learn to know Me, My love and My omnipotence and your faith becomes ever deeper until you live your earthly life completely carefree, because you know of the strength of faith and at all times put your trust in Me ....




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