Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 3707 08.03.1946

Coming in the clouds ....
Last days ....

My coming in the clouds will be preceded by a time of the most awful suffering ever seen on earth, as proclaimed in Word and Scripture. I will constantly draw people's attention to this and have done so ever since the start of this era in order to strongly advise those who are not walking the right path to change their mind. For the sake of these humans I used to occasionally let plagues come upon earth to remind them of the approaching end so that they seriously consider their souls and change themselves. But the last days had not yet arrived, the period of redemption had not yet reached the time chosen by Me in accordance with My plan of eternity. The earth was not yet ready for the last work of destruction, neither were people's souls ready for their total downfall, i.e. for their banishment into the creations of a new earth .... But My prophecies would always fulfil themselves in times of greatest spiritual hardship .... when increased affliction and misery came upon earth, so that during each time of such hardship the approaching end had to be dreaded. And it was My intention that the precise time of the last days should always remain hidden from people .... Such times of need were also more or less successful for the people involved as they found their way back to Me and entered into a different relationship with Me than before. But they became ever more persistent, and their distance, their opposition, from Me grew ever larger ....

And thus the time has arrived when no description, no admonition and warning will have an effect, when humanity remains unimpressed even in the light of utmost worldly suffering, i.e. when the latter does not lead to people recognising Me and entering into the right relationship with Me .... Their will remains opposed to Me, they are purely earthly minded and do not strive for any kind of spiritual progress. No adversity, irrespective of how harsh it is, will be able to change people's thoughts, and thus the time of the end has irrevocably come, as I have known since eternity .... The earth has ceased to be a place of spiritual education for its inhabiting humanity, and as a result it will be dissolved and its creations totally reshaped, so that a new period of redemption can begin .... And thus enormous suffering will come upon earth, so that the last people can still gather who recognise My voice therein. And even My Own will have to experience this suffering, although extraordinarily strengthened by Me but also affected by it so that they longingly anticipate My coming, which I always and forever proclaimed for the end of this earth. And when the hardship gets unbearable, when the believers find themselves in greatest distress and see no earthly way of rescue, I will come Myself ....

And there will be rejoicing amongst My Own when they see Me in all glory, but for their physical eyes still veiled by clouds which soften the intensity of My light, so that My Own, who still belong to the earth, will be able to endure Me. They will be triumphant and shout for joy because My Word has come true .... But the immense hardship, which I have announced time and again through My seers and prophets, through My servants on earth, will have strengthened their faith. Because everything will come to pass as I have foretold, and thus they will wait for My coming in the clouds with complete confidence .... And yet I will arrive suddenly and unexpected even for My Own .... For I will shorten the days of suffering because they will become intolerable and I do not want My Own to grow faint-hearted in view of the immense difficulties. And thus I will take them into My realm at the right time, and then the end will come .... Because My Word is truth and will come to pass, and the time of the last days has arrived ....




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