Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 3741 11.04.1946

The fulfilling of the predictions ....
Proof for the unbelievers ....

None of My predictions will be unfulfilled because the urgency of the time that is far more severe spiritually than physically calls for it. And in observing the behavior of mankind, in taking a closer look at the thinking and endeavoring of people you, too, will see the urgency of a change of all the conditions of life, because only by such it is possible to change people. And that's why you can count on a soon change, for the time has elapsed. The need up till now has been without progress and thus yet a bigger need only can offer a last possibility and this one will irrevocably come by My will. For I will turn Myself into focus and will be recognized by everyone who is of good will.

Whatever human will, human hate and unlovingness has accomplished so far will yet be surpassed by My will: Annihilation and destruction will also take from you what you believe to own in regard to earthly goods. People need to get into a low that causes them to call for help by Me if salvation is to be provided for them prior to end. They need to understand that any earthly directed hope will be in vain, and it is only then when a few will look into spiritual matters and it is for the sake of these few I'm going for a last resort before the arrival of the end. However, the time period that follows My last rescue operation will be hard for everyone, believers and unbelievers alike, except the believers will continuously receive strength in order to keep going. The faith of many people will become shaky if it is not a living faith. And this is My intention that a dead faith be reawakened by that too, because it would otherwise be of no value for the eternity. Those people bare of and those weak in faith I will help by My voice which will sound loud and audible. However, there will be a big falling away from Me, the last storm will shake off many unsuitable fruit. Yet, by that I won't be deterred to let the storm go across the earth. The one who is steadfast will prove to be reliable for eternity.

And so, then, do not doubt My word, await the day that will arrive with certainty and, until then, make use of every day because you can still win many by being active at the work for your soul. Every day of the misery can yield spiritual success to you as long as you think of Me, as long as you keep aware that nothing can happen without My will or My permission. And, relieved, cast all your worries upon Me and I will help you bear what I, for the sake of your souls, impose on you. The time will pass by you in a hurry, yet, no matter how hard it is for you, it is an act of mercy because you can achieve a far greater progress than in a long, calm time which lets you become indifferent and lazy and won't let you get closer to your last destination. Therefore await patiently the coming true of My predictions, do not expect an ending of the misery by My intervention but, rather, just a change of it because your souls are not ready yet for the thorough peace on this earth; you are to fight and gain a strong faith, only then I can take the misery away from you, only then you can experience a time of peace on earth or in the kingdom of the beyond. Yet, always bear in mind again My word is truth and I do not depart by one iota from what I proclaimed a long time ago and you will be your own witnesses, you will experience what I proclaim so that you can take a stand for My word before the world. For My last intervention shall be proof to those who did not believe My word so far, whom I still intend to win for Myself and to whom I obviously make Myself known by means of the natural happenings. So that they will believe in My might and in My working through you.

And thus I again proclaim to you: The day will come suddenly and unexpectedly. It will take the place of a severe earthly misery, yet again, it will bring a new misery in a different form. But if you believe that only love for you directs Me to let you go through suffering it will thus be bearable for you, for once the end will come and the redemption for all who believe in Me and dedicate themselves to Me, for all who profess their faith in Me before the world.




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