Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 3753 27.04.1946

Most difficult time of hardship before the end ....

You, who are now living on earth, have to pass the most difficult tests and endure the greatest suffering because the end is near and you do not have enough time for a slow maturing of your souls. The earthly burden will appear almost insufferable to you, and that shall be your proof that the last days have arrived. For severe hardship will always come to an end, but for the rest of your life you will have to languish with the burden of the most difficult living conditions, because the last work of your soul's development has to be implemented for your salvation. But it is a brief period of time which, in spite of the harshest conditions, will in fact be bearable for My Own, whom I will care for in the most obvious way. Thus do not get disheartened by this prediction but trustingly raise your eyes to Me, Who looks into your hearts, Who recognises your will and Who will help everyone who is worthy of My help, who humbly calls to Me for help and prays to Me in spirit and in truth. However, those of you who are of weak faith or totally unbelieving should accept being instructed about the cause and purpose of the hardship and believe that you are approaching the end. And depending on your faith you will be helped. But in view of the end I cannot take the rod from you or else it would take even more immature souls by surprise, since due to hardship a few will still find their way back to Me.

And where an apparent improvement of living conditions becomes evident the activity of the opposing force manifests itself .... and that, too, shall be your proof, because My help will express itself differently even though I will take care of My Own earthly and spiritually too, so that their worst suffering is alleviated, but I will always provide them with inner strength and a firm faith and thereby enable them to endure a difficult earthly life. Whereas My adversary will provide people with material possessions and incite them to commit unkind actions, so that you will always recognise the origin of the supply of strength when you closely inspect the behaviour of people. Expect no improvement in living conditions since one hardship will give way to another because the end is near. Therefore prepare yourselves for the end, do not work in an earthly manner but a spiritual one .... serve each other where needed and thereby make the hard time endurable, because its purpose is to motivate you into loving actions which will bring you ever closer to Me. Don't think of yourselves but think of your fellow human being's distress .... Be helpful and willing to give .... There is not much time and thus it is especially hard, but it can also be exceedingly blessed if you heed My admonitions, if you listen to My Word and try to live by it. The end will come and with it the Last Judgment .... the decision which signifies salvation for My Own but also new banishment for My adversary. And therefore make sure that you belong to My Own, let the hard times be a lesson to you which will guide you to Me, listen to My messengers who instruct you and inform you of My will, who will also always be able to explain the cause and purpose of suffering to you, and it will not be without success for your souls .... And one day you will thank Me that I granted you this last time of grace and through hardship and misery sought to win you over for Me and My kingdom ....




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Dear friends of the Revelation of God to Bertha Dudde,

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