Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 3776 20.05.1946

Announcement of the catastrophe ....

I convey a proclamation to you which is extremely important. You must prepare yourselves for the forthcoming turn of events, for soon I will visibly appear. The time given to you is coming to an end and My Word will fulfil itself, to the joy of a few and the horror of many people who have recognised and shall again recognise Me when I express Myself and demonstrate My will and My power. You are at the final stage in order to then take a path full of deprivations and tribulation, for this is needed for people who shall experience My power in order to reach out and grasp My helping hand. My last teaching method seems to be relentless and cruel to people and yet it is only based on My love, for countless souls will go astray without this final means and I still want to gain a few by using it. Recognise My love in the fact that I have announced and persistently continue to announce the forthcoming event to you in order to make you believe, if you don't want to believe it beforehand ....

You will all have to experience fearful hours and the survivors must endure most difficult conditions which seem insufferable to them. Yet I promise My strength and help to all who call upon Me in spirit and in truth. I will not take notice of lip prayers but only of the call that rises up to Me from the bottom of your heart .... This will be granted, and every adversity will be lessened and thus become tolerable for people who believe in Me .... News will reach you about worldly plans and measures yet they shall be shattered by My will, you will hear about new danger but should know that a different danger is approaching and that you need not fear the former and should only direct your attention to Me and My kingdom and that you must join Me ever more closely in order to receive more strength for the hours of greatest need .... I say this to you because My love wants to prepare you for that which is inevitable and will happen according to My eternal plan, because you still require much strength and have to receive it through a sincere will, heartfelt prayer and activity of love. Only take care of your souls and let go of all earthly worries, come to Me in every adversity and difficulty so that you will never distance yourselves from Me, so that you will constantly stay in contact with Me and then also feel My presence when I speak to you humans from above with a voice of thunder .... so that you will not be afraid of Me but appeal to Me as your Father of eternity for His protection, which He will surely grant you ....



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