Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 3821 09.07.1946

Urgent admonition to detach from matter ....

Recognise the time and adjust your life accordingly .... Anyone who is unable to detach himself from the possessions of the world will find the last days before the end very difficult, for he will lose everything if he does not belong to those who are completely corrupt, who will receive everything so as to completely renounce Me. Then I will have to take that which you are unable to relinquish voluntarily from you by force if I want to save you from entirely falling prey to the one who wants your eternal ruin. For earthly matter belongs to him and must never become the principle of your life, instead you should use it to cover your most essential physical needs so that you can consider your soul the more abundantly .... For this alone is needed in the coming time, because you only have little time left until the end. But if you spend it by just taking care of your physical well-being then your soul will go short and will have to suffer indescribably if I still want to rescue it before the end. Therefore remove whatever your body does not require and give it to your needy fellow human being, for there will be much hardship with My permission. Recognise the last days before the end by the fact that a great tribulation will befall the earth which you will be unable to avert by yourselves and which will be made even worse through My will, through My last intervention before the end. Then you all must realise that I only want you to have very little for your body, that I want to direct your mind more towards the soul, towards the spirit, and humbly submit yourselves to My will. Ignore your body and only take care of your soul, then I will take care of your physical well-being and keep you alive until the end, and you will be able to endure your last stage of life because I will help you.

And thus liberate yourselves from all earthly matter, detach your heart from it, and gladly share whatever you own with your needy neighbour. And you will not have to go short despite your externally most modest living conditions, you will be able to live and work because your soul will receive doubly what your body gives up. I must take your earthly possessions away from you if you don't part from them voluntarily, I must implement a forceful solution if you are too weak to separate yourselves from them. But it is far better if you already detach yourselves from them in your heart before, that you no longer let yourselves be enslaved by matter, but that you leave everything up to Me of your own free will if you sacrifice everything you own to Me .... Then I will return to you what you need and also make your earthly life easier, and you will make proper use of the time until the end for your soul. For if I tell you that you that your life will not last long anymore, why should you still anxiously worry ....? You will have to leave all earthly possessions behind when your body dies, your soul, however, will remain chained to it even in the spiritual kingdom if it hasn't detached itself on earth already. And I want to help the soul learn to overcome it on earth and free itself from all longing for it .... Detach yourselves from matter .... I let this call resound more urgently than ever, for the care of your soul is paramount in the forthcoming time ....




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