Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 4027 21.04.1947

Certain sign of the end is the small flock of fighters for God ....

That the time has now come to an end is demonstrated by the fact that My fighters can only be found here and there, people who are so engrossed in their love for Me, in their love for truth and for good, that they are no longer firmly attached to the world but remain in constant contact with Me, both mentally or through kind-hearted activity .... People who stand up for their faith and feel the need to win their fellow men's souls over for My kingdom and My doctrine .... who therefore fight with the sword of their mouths .... who are constantly imbued by My spirit and in whom I Myself can therefore work. Not many of these will be found and wherever they stay, they walk along unnoticed or are treated with hostility. It is a certain sign of the end that My Own only form a small flock, but I Am a good shepherd Who keeps His lambs together, Who guards them well so that none will lose its way or be lost. Not one of My Own will be left out by Me, they will find each other and form a small community among each other and they will find their greatest satisfaction in the fact that I have accepted them into My service, that I entrust them with the mission of supporting Me during the last days before the end. Those who are good and true are My fighters, for good will and a desire for absolute truth characterises My fighters, who will indeed win the final battle because I will never leave those again who won't leave Me but look upon Me as the loving Father Who will not let His children be harmed, even if they experience earthly adversity as a result of their steadfastness. Those who regard Me as their Father of eternity will also be looked after in a Fatherly way, once this time is over. They will stay in paradise as My true children, they will experience the blissful and peaceful time on the new earth, which will take the place of the final battle on the old earth, as has been intended for eternity. I will gather My Own on the Last Day, the few people who remained faithful to Me during the preceding time of battle, who recognised Me and therefore can never abandon Me again. And I will fetch them to Me, as I proclaimed. Consequently, you humans can expect the near end with certainty when you look around you and find only a few who so deeply carry Me in their heart that they constantly talk about Me, about spiritual subjects, for which their fellow human beings have little sympathy. But where I Am mentioned in conversations I Myself Am present, and I try to attract the souls who are distant from Me in order to slightly increase the number of My Own before the time has come which brings the final end .... the destruction of the old earth and finally the Judgment, as it is proclaimed in Word and Scripture ....




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