Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 4128 22.09.1947

'Only he who remains in love remains in Me, and I in him ....'

Love has to come alight in you if you want to be united with Me. Only he who remains in love remains in Me and I in him. And thus you must feel impelled by your heart to give love to your fellow human being, to make him happy and gain his affection, you have to be in constant harmony with him, you have to be a friend and brother to your neighbour, you have to share joy and suffering with him and always endeavour to ease his fate on earth, and you must always be willing to guide him correctly in spiritual matters, because the most important and most pleasing activity of love is to save or benefit his soul. If you are impelled by love, that is, if you feel urged from deep within yourselves to carry out works of love, I Am closely united with you, for the feeling of love already shows that I Am taking possession of you, it is an overflowing of My strength of love to you, which is the result of your will turning towards good, thus an unconscious turning towards Me.

I can certainly draw all of you to My heart, I can instantly kindle love in you and in that case win all of you over for Myself, if I wanted to do so .... however, in that case I would have no living creations as My image but only judged beings without free will as a sign of their divinity. But I want to work and create with perfect beings, I want to give them ultimate happiness because My love for them is infinitely profound, and I can only do so if they have reached a particular degree which people should and can reach on earth. And this is why I must constantly admonish you to be eagerly active in love, because I want to be united with you in order to be able to work in all fullness within you and thus increase the strength of your love, so that you become divine beings yourselves, as was your destiny in the very beginning.

I want to be as one with you yet you must accomplish this merger of your own free will .... And this is why you have to practise love yourselves, you must constantly make an effort to do good works, you must change your feelings if they have not yet come alight as love within you, you must want to be good then you will also be able to become it, for I will bless such a will and give you strength to implement it. You must want to be united with Me and I will come to you and take possession of you with the intention of never letting go of you or allowing you to separate yourselves from Me again. For My love is so profound that it will not rest until total unification has taken place, because this was the original state, because My living creations came forth from Me, because they are strength from Me which inevitably has to return to Me again ....




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