Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 4326 08.06.1948

Harmony of body and soul ....

The body, too, should be well cared-for in order to maintain its strength and keep it in shape for its task .... to help the soul attain higher development. The body should not be entirely neglected because orderliness is My law as well, and orderliness includes everything which results in a supportive and progressive outcome. It is indeed the human being's task to detach himself from matter, to rise above it by liberating his heart from it and thus no longer be controlled by earthly material things. Nevertheless, the body also has to be in harmony with the soul, it has to provide the soul with inner calm which it can always achieve once it has calmed itself down, i.e., once its needs are met and it can attend to the soul's requirements.

The body can indeed make demands which betray materialistic thinking that by no means corresponds to My law of order, in that case it is not in harmony with the soul, and if the soul is already enlightened it will resist and refuse to give in to the body's desire even if it continues to persist in its demands. Then soul and body are silently fighting each other, then the body will be poorly endowed from all directions until it is content with being granted minor wishes, until it has accepted the soul's requirements. At that point it has entered the right order again and will also feel comfortable in that state since it then considers itself as the soul's supporter. Subsequently it can also be granted bigger wishes again since there is no more risk that the body will overrule the soul by getting so involved with the material world that it totally neglects the soul.

The body must never control the soul, the material world must never be given priority, the soul must be the determining factor and supported in its desires and aspirations by the body, then the body can also be granted relief and fulfilment of its desires, for then the body will never make demands which are detrimental to the soul, and the soul will mature anyway, since it constantly endeavours to live in harmony with Me, to attain My pleasure and to come close to Me, and can obliviously bypass the pleasures of the world. I want to give joy to people on earth too once these joys are no longer a danger for the soul; but only I can judge when this will be the case, and so I quite often let the body go short, just as I also provide people who are faithfully devoted to Me with private joys in order to demonstrate My love for them, which always wants to please ....




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