Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 4441 24.09.1948

The magnitude of the work of destruction ....

You people cannot yet imagine the extent of the act of destruction by the will of God to take place, for it will outdo everything that there happened, ever. Countries and oceans will change, rivers will leave their shores and thus there are scenes created according to which people assume to be moved into other areas and by that an indescribable chaos arises already because people can't find each other anymore. Restlessly they will wander around until strong-willed people show up, trying to create order and look after the weak people. The misery will be so big that love only will bear it and wherever one will intercede for the other there will soon an ease and help be felt that will obviously be granted from above.

Whoever now turns to God and calls upon Him with all of one's heart, help shall be granted to the one, for now God with His love and omnipotence shows Himself so clearly to the point that it will be easy for the weak believer to attain a solid faith and this time is a time of grace for the unbeliever where, in light of the phenomena that are based on the strength of faith, one can still easily change. These phenomena will make everybody think but only the one willing to believe will reap the benefits from it whereas the others always just talk about an accident and bitterly face the severe misery, decline a Creator or condemn His actions. The size of the disaster cannot bring them to their senses, they try to find a natural explanation for everything and spiritual connections they reject altogether. In respect to the experiences of the neighbor they remain hard and insensitive and are not afraid to improve the condition for themselves at cost of the neighbors who are too weak to defend themselves.

Distress will be everywhere where God has spoken and He will speak wherever there is a most severe spiritual need so that the survivors will receive a warning signal for the purpose of utilizing the time until the end and also that people of the countries not concerned come to their senses in view of the catastrophe that is too enormous to be left without attention. For all mankind will get into the grip of fear the natural disaster might repeat itself and cause a complete destruction of the earth. Well, actually, this is going to happen but not immediately after the natural disaster.

Fear from that is but salutary for many since, in fact, the thought of a sudden passing away and the life after death becomes vivid and might bring about a change of one's life style. The world will want to intervene with help yet won't be able to do so to the extent that would be required. Nevertheless, every one person willing to love and to help will be blessed by God because the great misery comes upon people for the purpose of softening their hearts and to do justice to their proper task, to act in love on earth for the sake of gaining maturity of one's soul. As long as people just seek supply for themselves they remain in self-love and don't get ahead spiritually. The need of their neighbors, however, can let their actions in love become active and that's when they fulfill the will of God and their earthly duty as well. And then the most severe need is a blessing and it fulfills its purpose.



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