Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 4484 11.11.1948

The doctrine of the Trinity of God ....

You have the gift of being able to use your intellect and you ought to use this gift. In an earthly respect your life compels you to do so and you readily comply with this compulsion. It is the most natural thing in the world for you to think about everything you encounter, to explore and ponder and thus intellectually enhance your earthly knowledge. But only rarely if ever do you use your intellect in order to acquire spiritual knowledge of your own inner accord. You certainly allow yourselves to receive it from external sources and accept it without using your intellect, without scrutinising or thinking about it. But you don't assimilate it with your intellect and thus you don't use the latter, or you misuse it by drawing entirely wrong conclusions because you accept the spiritual knowledge you receive without examination. But He Who endowed you with intellect will also hold you to account as to how you have used it.

Countless people live with misconceptions because they don't think about doctrines which should motivate their scrutiny because, in the form they are presented to people, they are simply unacceptable .... Admittedly, you reject all scrutiny with the remark that you, as human beings, are incapable of making a correct judgment, and you are right insofar as your intellect alone is not enough for this. Yet each and every time this has to be countered by the fact that enlightenment by the spirit can and always must be requested in order to truthfully explain the most difficult problems, and that God will never deny His assistance to someone who seriously wants it. And thus it is also possible for a human being to get an explanation for questions which the intellect alone is unable to answer. But the less a person believes that he is incapable of making a correct judgment the more it is necessary to appeal to God for assistance. This is more advisable than to accept doctrines which a person finds difficult to accept, for whatever a person wants to endorse as truth also has to be completely explained to him, on account of which teachings from above are constantly conveyed to earth which bring light into the spiritual darkness. And darkness is wherever the truth is being displaced or veiled, where misguided teachings are spread and upheld by people as truth. And this darkness shall be penetrated by light .... Lies and error shall be displaced by the truth, it shall be exposed where people are wrongly instructed, because only the truth leads to eternal life and only the truth is divine, whereas misguided teachings are God-opposing ....

And so it is essential to throw light on a doctrine which, mixed up and completely distorted by the enemy of souls, has found approval amongst people, and precisely because the latter did not use their gift of intellect and accepted without inspection what they were offered: the doctrine of the Trinity of God .... This doctrine is completely incomprehensible, that is, it cannot be rationally grasped and understood, it is an unacceptable explanation of the eternal Deity because it is absurd, since the human being who is professing it is not allowed to think about it anymore or, if he thinks about it, cannot admit to it .... Wanting to place the eternal Deity into a strictly-limited form is a sign of those people's imperfection who accept this teaching. Every form is a strictly-limited concept but God's Being is limitless because it is something profoundly perfect. Hence something supremely perfect cannot be divided either, for perfection is a state of spirit and something spiritual can never be divided into three parts .... thus one can never speak of a three-person God because it is an inconceivable concept which will lead to completely wrong points of view about the Deity's nature. God the Father .... God the Son .... and God the holy Spirit .... these concepts do not justify the assumption that three persons have united themselves as the eternal Deity, hence that these three amount to one God, whereas the nature of God can be made comprehensible to people if the three concepts are explained such that the 'Father' is love, the 'Son' is wisdom and the 'Spirit' is strength ....

And this alone is the correct explanation which is the foundation of the doctrine of the Trinity of God, yet due to misunderstanding it was wrongly interpreted and resulted in the misguided teaching that the Deity consists of three persons.

The spirit of God, the partial concept of God's Nature, can never be personified; it cannot be limited to a form in line with human ideas, it is an infinite abundance of light and strength which is directed and used by an exceptionally strong will of love. The light is God .... the strength is God .... and the will of love is God .... one is not without the other, everything Divine incorporates this Trinity within Itself; it is the sign of perfection if love, wisdom and strength are inherent in a being, in which case it has become an image of God. Yet it is only ever one Being .... not a form but something infinite, spiritual, which requires no form in order to exist and which would burst all forms if they had not spiritualised themselves first, so that they were able to contain love, wisdom and strength in abundance without ceasing to exist.

Such a form was the human being Jesus, Who was chosen by God as the carrier of the entire abundance of love, wisdom and strength in order to serve people as a conceivable Deity so that they can believe in an Essence Which, being of supreme perfection, is nevertheless in connection with imperfect people, His living creations. But this form was purely physical, it was effectively only at the disposal of physical onlookers because the spirit requires no form in order to be able to be seen .... The idea of Father, Son and holy Spirit as three separate entities .... even with the addition that they are one .... is misleading, because people will then be at risk of implementing a separation by calling upon every part individually and will thereby increase the consciousness of each of the three parts, thereby losing the right, truthful sense of the one God to Whom alone they should turn in every earthly and spiritual adversity.

Even the man Jesus, Who lived on earth as an individual being in order to accept the abundance of God within Himself, became one with Him, which was evidenced by His ascension, because the body had completely spiritualised itself and all substances were able to join the eternal Deity and thus there no longer existed two separate beings who were perfect but it was only one Deity, Which was love, wisdom and strength in supreme perfection. God the Father, God the Son and His Spirit, which permeates the whole of infinity and implements everything that is determined by His will. It is the eternal Deity's Nature which is being characterised by the concepts of Father, Son and holy Spirit. Wisdom .... the Son .... comes forth from the Father of love, and the all-permeating strength implements what is decided by the Father and the Son. God is all-powerful and exceedingly wise and loving .... This concept is more understandable and solves the problem of the triune Deity in the simplest way, and only spiritually blind people are unable to grasp or acknowledge this uncomplicated solution because they are misled by spiritually blind leaders who are unenlightened and refuse to let themselves be taught ....




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