Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 4498 28.11.1948

The ability to receive divine wisdom through the heart ....

Divine wisdoms have to be sought deep inside the heart, for mere human intellect will neither be able to explain nor understand them if the heart is not involved in it. For this reason divine wisdom can only be received by people who live a profound inner life, who often withdraw into solitude, that is, who stop thinking about the world, about earthly worries and earthly plans, who enter into contemplation and try to fathom the kingdom which is beyond the earthly world. Such people are rewarded by God by granting them insight into the most concealed things, by allowing them to behold His sphere of activity, by informing them of His plan of eternity and by giving them at the same time the comprehension of understanding everything and of grasping the correlations. He tries to reveal to them the greatest mysteries, although the human being's intellectual capacity is insufficient to receive a comprehensive explanation as long as he does not have the degree of maturity that allows him to be permeated by the light of wisdom. Yet with the person's continuing development his intellectual capacity will improve and it is therefore indeed already possible to penetrate profound mysteries on Earth, and thus to take possession of divine wisdom, however, it will only be comprehensible to those who receive it, whereas another person will not know what to make of it because he has no understanding of the correlations between all works of creation with the eternal Creator.

Nevertheless, the more mature person should make an effort to also inform his fellow human being, because the knowledge can encourage another person's spiritual striving and because light shall be brought into the darkness which is spread across humanity, which lives in total ignorance of spiritual truth and no longer recognises its purpose on Earth, just as it is unaware of the individual person's final goal, which should be eagerly aspired to during earthly life. The question 'Why do we humans exist?' remains open to most people, they don't even make an effort to answer it or to look for a suitable answer. They often pose this question but they never seriously desire an answer or listen to those who answer them, for they only ever let their intellect speak but never their heart .... that is, they don't take any notice of their feelings which would be a clear answer for them. They drown out the voice of the heart and completely turn towards the world, hence they are incapable of receiving divine wisdom which necessitates a withdrawal from the world. And thus the world will remain dark and without light, since only a few people can receive enlightenment through the inner voice. But these few will be and remain happy, for they will take divine wisdom over into the spiritual kingdom where it originated from, while the others will enter the realm of the beyond in profound spiritual darkness because they failed to look for the light on Earth ....




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