Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 4520 22.12.1948

Unmistakable sign of spiritual low level: Rejection of the divine Word ....

It is very telling that you, My servants on earth, find little interest when you bring My Word to people as a gift from your Lord .... You, who are spiritually awake, who make contact with Me in thought and through actions of love, you know and believe that I speak to you Myself, thus you offer My Word as the Word of God .... Consequently you must also realise how far people have distanced themselves from Me, that only very few regard Me Myself as the originator of the Word, that people do not believe that I Myself talk to them directly and therefore do not accept the teachings either. They do not recognise the voice of the Father and Creator since eternity. This is an unmistakable sign of people's spiritual low level.

What you, My representatives on earth, give to them is rejected, and what is given to them instead by those who call themselves My representatives even though they are not called by Me, is accepted as pure truth and advocated with zeal which, however, is wasted on errors and lies. Anyone who knows the pure truth also knows the spiritual darkness of those who reject My Word even if they deem themselves to be eager servants. They have not yet recognised Me and want to bear witness of Me .... They want to lead My flock and don't know the right path themselves, they want to teach and are ignorant themselves, and at the same time they are so arrogantly minded that they do not let themselves be taught even if I confront them Myself in the Word. Hence, if they do not recognise My Word they will not recognise Me Myself either.

And thus it follows that the time of the end has arrived, because humanity cannot be guided back to Me by anything if it does not take notice of My Word from above. There is no way I can speak to people Myself other than through your mouth, and My Own, i.e. those who strive towards Me of their own free will, who often lift their thoughts to Me, will also recognise My voice. They will know which one of their fellow human beings belongs to My Own, because those who reject My Word and therefore Me Myself are My adversary's children even though they call themselves My servants, because My chosen servants recognise Me and My Word and are therefore closely united with Me, whereas the others will increasingly distance themselves from Me if they do not accept what I offer them as a special gift of grace ....




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