Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 4544 18.01.1949

'Follow Me ....'

Follow Me and the goal that has been set for you since the beginning will be reached by you on earth already. You have to make the effort to live a life of love which will bring you very close to the One Who is eternal love Himself. And if you now bear My life on earth in mind and for the sake of the act of Salvation appeal to Me for reinforcement of your will, you will also find it easy to live in love, for I will help you and constantly provide you with opportunities which enable you to live up to your will to love if you feel the urge to do so.

My life on earth was only a practical application of selfless neighbourly love. And the result was the unification of the Father, the Eternal Love, with Me, so that I could use His strength and might, His light and wisdom like My own possession. I was permeated by His spirit, by His strength and by His light .... And thus everything was possible for Me since God Himself was working in Me. As a human being I demonstrated that it is not impossible to be filled by the divine spirit, that thus every human being is able to work the miracles and signs I performed, that the human being can shape himself such that he, as an image of God, can utilize all powers and thus also accomplish whatever he wants.

Follow Me .... all of God's strength is at your disposal, He does not impose any restrictions on you, He gives without measure, and you may use everything He wants to impart because He loves you .... Follow Me .... live a life of selfless neighbourly love and you will become perfect and be able to constantly enjoy God's love and blessing. I speak to you as a human being, just as I walked on earth as a human being, Who equally had to attain divine strength through a life of love, and Who was also only able to accomplish the unification with the eternal Deity through love ....

I will show you the path which you only need to travel in order to then also recognise the truth of My Word. Let yourselves be urged by Me onto this path, don't offer Me any resistance, try to do kind-hearted deeds and your strength will increase, your will to love will be stimulated, for love itself is strength and if you practice it, whatever you give will also flow back to you again as strength .... Try it and let My Words touch your hearts, let yourselves be called by Me and follow Me .... I Am the voice in the wilderness of your life. Everything around you threatens to wither away if you don't irrigate the arid area with the divine flow of love .... if you don't develop all good instincts through love and increase the strength within you. Do not let My call go unheeded, take notice of it and bear in mind that I don't demand anything impossible from you, for I Myself as a human being had set an example for you as to what love and a human being's will are capable of achieving .... Follow Me, and you will be and remain blissfully happy for all eternity ....



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