Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 4588 14.03.1949

The working of the spirit ....
Scrutiny ....
Proof: Oratorical gift ....
Truth - Error ....
God's messengers ....

A large structure must be made to waver, and this undertaking shall be tackled by you, for which I Myself will give you the instruction as well as the strength to accomplish the work. Error has crept into all places where truth is expected to be, where people believe they know the truth, and now it is up to you to expose this error, which you would be unable to do by yourselves, by using your intellect alone, yet with My help you can do so, and therefore you shall teach in My name what I have proclaimed to you through the spirit. Each one of you shall make an effort to let My spirit speak in order to gain possession of the pure truth. And if this cannot be achieved you should pay attention to what My messengers reveal to you, who are directly instructed by Me again through the voice of the spirit. Every bearer of truth will uphold the same spiritual knowledge, that is, once the truth is conveyed to someone it will always yield the same results; the spirit, which is in contact with the Father-Spirit of eternity, will proclaim the same to everyone. Thus, the origin of different results must be investigated. That which originates from My spirit will forever remain the truth, which never changes, regardless as to how and in which form it is offered to you. The working of My spirit guarantees you purest truth, and thus you need only examine when My spirit is at work and where false prophets portray themselves as My disciples and representatives on earth. And you can easily ascertain whether the spiritual information, which claims to be true, is accepted consciously or subconsciously. If I pour out My spirit, no process is being displayed for curious spectators, for I do not approach you humans such that you would even in the slightest way be forced to believe. No-one will notice anything extraordinary, unless he considers the fluent gift of oratory as something unusual, but in that case I refer to My Word 'Take no thought how or what ye shall speak .... For it is not you who speak, but the Holy Spirit...' Then you will already have a sign that My spirit is at work in the one who thus speaks well. However, if other exceptional signs are quoted as evidence, don't believe that it is I Who manifests Himself in this way. Every now and then you might well be able to observe phenomena which point to My life on earth .... if particularly devout and devoted people thereby contribute towards enlivening their fellow human beings' weak faith .... Yet the working of the spirit mainly refers to the transfer of My Word, because through My Word humanity shall be guided into truth and because My Word also makes My will known, the fulfilment of which results in the direct working of the spirit again.

The human race certainly seeks and tentatively strives for truth, but it does not take the right path in order to find it. However, every person carries the truth within himself .... Every person carries the spiritual spark within himself, which is part of Me and can impart purest truth if the person looks within and listens to the expression of the spiritual spark, to the Word, which thus comes from Me because the spiritual spark is My share for eternity. Understand, you humans, you must look within yourselves and not wait for what is brought to you from external sources! But since you no longer fulfil the conditions needed for the manifestation of the spirit, since you are no longer capable of perceiving My Word in you, hence, since you no longer come to Me, I come to you by sending you a messenger who hears the expression of his spirit, My Word, and shall inform you of it. Now it is indeed conveyed to you from outside, but as an unmistakable gift from above, which can be recognised by everyone providing he makes the effort to seriously examine it or allows himself to be guided by his inner spirit, thus does not offer resistance if My Word inwardly appeals to him. And every seriously truth-desiring person will find My Word appealing, because My strength of love takes effect in the one who strives towards Me as the eternal Truth. Thus I Myself come to meet him and draw him close to Me if I don't meet with resistance. Therefore, take notice of the working of the spirit and accept the offer of the one who, in a completely conscious state, listens to the voice of the spirit within, for you can believe his results, since he is taught by Me directly through My spirit. Beware of false prophets as they, too, mention My name and yet have no direct connection with Me, who therefore deem themselves capable of instructing their fellow human beings but have no knowledge themselves. Beware of those who receive their knowledge in a way where I Myself cannot be at work, because forces from below push in without being rejected by the recipient's will .... where the human being forfeits his will and his will is subsequently seized. In a conscious state they might well be of good will, nevertheless, their chosen path is wrong. Come to Me, make contact with Me in spirit, listen within and appeal to Me with all your heart for the working of My spirit .... and your prayer will be granted, you will be taught in absolute truth by Me directly or through My messengers .... But you will always be taught by My spirit and guided into all truth ....




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Dear friends of the Revelation of God to Bertha Dudde,

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As a native English speaker with a love and understanding of these revelations, you have the right qualifications to help further translate this great work and participate in its dissemination. Your possible cooperation is expected with pleasure.

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