Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 4626 01.05.1949

Saviour of body and soul ....

You should bring all your cares to Me, for I Am truly the greatest Saviour and able to take every ailment from you, Who is able to grant health to your body and soul and bestow you with an eternally indestructible life. Even though you are required to use earthly medications, without My blessing the objective of these medicines will be defeated; whereas I can also bless the sick person to become healthy in accordance with My will without external remedies. And I will do this as soon as I recognise that his suffering is no longer necessary, as soon as it has achieved its purpose and contributed towards the purification of the soul. For the sickness of soul is related to that of the body. You humans have no idea what a large factor physical illness plays in the soul's higher development and how grateful the soul will be one day that it was allowed to take this path in the flesh, and a much shorter path of earthly life resulted in its greater maturity.

Therefore, when you suffer you should only ever pray 'Father, your will be done ....' Then I will do My part just as you do yours, I will come to you as Saviour of body and soul and your recovery will be ensured. Bear your fragile body for the sake of your soul's strength and know that it will find it much easier to develop and look for unity with the spiritual kingdom if its body does not offer resistance, which it always does in a healthy state. Then the soul will be beautiful when it leaves its physical shell .... But in order for you to become conscious of My presence and My work, the healing process will happen quickly if you completely devoutly expect the miracle, if you thus believe that nothing is impossible for My might and strength and that My love is always intended for you and therefore also wants to help you. Firm faith is the best remedy which will never fail .... Bring all your cares to Me and you will be set free from them, but come with a strong, unwavering faith and I will not let it be destroyed ....



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