Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 4633 10.05.1949

People's fear ....
Natural disaster and its consequences ....

All disbelievers will suffer inconceivable tribulation when I manifest Myself through the forces of nature, for they will experience a spectacle of development by tremendous forces against which the human being himself will be completely powerless. People will be seized by mortal fear, and even My Own will be affected yet be miraculously strengthened by My help as soon as they lift their thoughts up to Me. The disbelievers, however, will have no support to hold on to and will be hopelessly exposed to the elements of nature. In view of death a few will call to Me in heartfelt need, and their call will reach My ear and denote earthly or just spiritual rescue, if their hour has come. Yet then they will still have gained their eternal life.

But in the main, people will be senselessly scared, that is, they will be incapable of thinking of God, they will try to save themselves and face the same difficulties everywhere, for the whole of nature will conspire against them, all elements will be in tremendous uproar, water, fire, storm and light will leave their natural order and cause an unimaginable amount of devastation which will cost countless human lives. It will just be a short action but have extremely far-reaching consequences for all survivors, for only now will there start an earthly time of hardship which surpasses all previous experiences. People will have to change their way of life completely, they will have to make use of everything left to them, they will have to rely on themselves and cannot expect any earthly help for a long time, since they will be completely cut off from the world and contact will not be able to be established again in a hurry.

The magnitude of the disaster will be incomprehensible, yet I constantly draw your attention to the fact that you should not abandon yourselves to earthly possessions, that you should not consider them important and forget about your soul, as it entirely depends on its maturity how you will bear up to the aftermath.

Proclamations of this nature meet with little belief and yet should be taken extremely seriously, for they will fulfil themselves literally. And every day is still a gift of grace which you should utilize, not in an earthly sense but spiritually, for only your spiritual possessions are of lasting value. Nevertheless, I promise My protection and My help to all of you who believe and want to be of service to Me. Don't let My Words depress you but know that everything, even the most difficult, can be endured if you hand it over to Me, if you ask Me to help you carry your burden .... I will not leave you and will help you persevere until the end ....




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