Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 4756 08.10.1949

Predetermined earthly life ....
Whims of destiny ....
God's love ....

Every earthly worry comes to nothing if you believe in Me. As soon as you acknowledge a Controller of earthly fate you must also be certain that this Controller knows all requirements and that He has taken them into account when He, in His wisdom, determined every person's earthly life. Hence, everything that comes upon the human being has its cause, its reason and its purpose. The purpose is always the attainment of psychological maturity which, however, can often proceed without opposition. Oppositions are all those disagreeable moments which the human being briefly describes as whims of destiny. Consequently, a person will also have to endure what he rationally condemns because it doesn't suit him. It is, however, necessary for a person's higher development and it will always go away again, it will effectively put itself right through My will, although the person is usually of the opinion that he has personally contributed towards removing that which seems unpleasant to him. Everything takes its course according to My eternal decision, and if you thus consider that every happening in your earthly life has been predetermined to the finest detail, that even your physical end has been planned from the start, you must realise that you cannot change anything and that therefore every worry is unnecessary, since everything will have to happen according to My will. And if you believe in My love and wisdom you will also know that everything is good for you, because you, as My living creations, also possess My love and this love determined your course of life in order teach you to become My true children. And so you need only hand yourselves over to Me, thus humbly endure whatever I send to you, then no worry will burden you, because I will take it from you when you no longer need it, and because nothing that comes upon you will last forever but will soon be resolved again. And if your suffering lasts longer, then it is necessary for your soul and it would only be detrimental for you if I removed your sorrow prematurely. Believe in Me and trust Me, and if you are burdened by a problem then confide it to Me .... My love can turn everything away from you and will indeed do so, because a father will always give to his child such that it will be happy. Yet then you must really come like children to the Father .... you must believe in Me and grant Me all your love .... Then the goal will have been reached on earth and you will neither require distress nor suffering in order for your souls to mature fully ....




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