Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 4807 30.12.1949

Gulf and bridge ....
Renewed banishment ....
Circuit of flow of love ....

The gulf between humanity and Me grows deeper and deeper, for the number of those who believe in Me with conviction continues to fall. The strength of My representatives on Earth gets constantly weaker, they certainly speak in My name yet are not the distributors of the pure truth. Ever more people leave the faith and turn to the one who is My adversary .... they turn to the world which is his kingdom and thereby increase the distance from Me which they should reduce during their earthly life. They move away from Me and broaden the gulf that separates them from Me. Yet this only works up to a point, for once the limit has been exceeded when the strength of My love no longer affects them, the spiritual substance within people hardens again into solid matter .... As long as the earth still exists the defected people will remain within the circuit of My flow of love, yet leaving it signifies the disintegration of the forms which shelter the spiritual substances .... it signifies the death of people as well as of animals, it signifies a dissolution of creation and a restoration of the same.

No being can distance itself from Me with impunity, for it will lose its life if it loses Me. And so, anyone who wants to stay alive and does not want to lose his life ever again must strive towards Me and look for Me, he must endeavour to reach Me and thus lessen the gulf between us. However, without faith in Me as Father and Creator of eternity there is no path across this gulf, for the bridge leading to Me is invisible .... Only faith makes the bridge apparent, for faith causes people to call upon Me. Faith in Me leads to prayer, which is the safest bridge to Me. Untold people go past this bridge and even those who should be their leaders often don't find the bridge themselves because their words are lifeless, because the paths they take are unsuitable to serve as a bridge, paths, which time and again lead back to the beginning; because their words of prayer do not emerge from their heart and therefore do not reach My ear either, thus they do not use the bridge which is the only path that leads across the gulf to Me. Sooner or later, however, even this bridge will not exist anymore, for once My Own have come across it will be too late for the others, because then every path will be cut off and there will be no more escape for those left behind; then they will be devoured by the abyss, the earth will admit them again and everything will become solidified and become matter once more, because it didn't strive to ascend but chose to reach the abyss ....




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