Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 4846 25.02.1950

Reference to the approaching time of adversity ....

Listen and believe that you humans are approaching a dreadful time .... It will affect every individual person, although it will be easier for those who carry Me in their hearts, thus, who live their lives looking upwards. This time will be a heavy burden for everyone, for it will result in further adversity which will seem almost too much to bear for you. You will be shocked to the core, for you will experience external and internal adversity so that you shall turn to Me, so that you shall finally find the path to Me, your God and Father of eternity. This is the last means I will use before the end. If this does not help to change those of you who have committed yourselves to the world nothing will be able to save you anymore, then you will be enslaved to My adversary for good and must share his fate .... to be enchained at the end of days .... You only have a little time left until then, and during this short time I will repeatedly approach you in order to save you from ruin, in order to bring you to your senses before it is too late. Take the message I send to you through My servants on earth seriously and adjust your life accordingly, and when you are confronted by the immense adversity remember that it will soon be followed by the end, which I also have announced. Then you should use every day by frequently seeking contact with Me, ignore all earthly matters and pray to Me in spirit and in truth, calling upon Me for grace, which I will truly not deny you. I will grant your prayer, I will shower you with blessings and give you strength and a strong faith so that you will persevere until the end ....



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