Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 4970 20.09.1950

Embodied beings of light ....
Lack of past memory ....
Forerunner ....

Those who want to be of service to Me ought to know the following: the spiritual state of people who live in the last days requires special help by the beings of light which work on My instructions in the spiritual realm as well as on earth, where a large number of them are embodied as human beings in order to fulfil a redeeming mission. How the beings of light work and help them is clearly evident to people who accept the spiritual information given to them, because they know that people's spiritual hardship can only be remedied through the gift of My Word from above. In view of the wide-ranging spiritual decline it would be completely impossible for My Word to gain acceptance amongst humanity, because it would neither establish the connection with the spiritual world, nor would it want to or be able to accept proclamations from this world. Therefore the world of light has to take mediating actions, the beings of light must look for suitable vessels on earth into which they can pour the emanations of My spirit and thus .... where necessary .... beings of light descend to earth as human beings in order to become a link between people and the spiritual world .... in order to be mediators between Myself and people. Hence a large number of beings of light are embodied during the last days before the end, in which you humans live at present, in order to help you, given that you are deluded and ignorant, live a wrong way of life and are therefore in serious trouble.

You yourselves are unaware of the low spiritual level and its consequences, and if the knowledge is given to you, you won't believe it. Yet the world of light shelters inhabitants who look upon the activities in the darkness on earth with horror and want to rush to your aid in order to still help those who don't offer resistance and entrust themselves to their guidance. However, they are nevertheless human beings who thus want to help and inform you. This is why you don't recognise them, just as they don't recognise themselves as beings from above even though they, as human beings, sincerely strive to ascend .... They are human beings like yourselves and yet their will is directed towards Me, who cannot be harmed by My adversary anymore because they have already become My Own before they came to earth for the sake of the needy human race. They want to bring you the light they constantly receive from Me and which simultaneously is the strength to ascend. Yet neither are they aware of the fact that they voluntarily came to earth, for their efforts to ascend have to be clearly observable by their fellow human beings in order to encourage them to do the same. Were a being of light recognisable as such to people it would not be able to serve them as an example, for then people who are afflicted by all weaknesses and flaws would feel incapable of ever attaining this example. Only very special, elevated spiritual beings know of their mission and origin and also inform people of it, although they will find no credence.

But such elevated beings of light will be recognisable to anyone who wants to recognise them, for their mission always involves public and not private activity, for then not just individual people but all people shall be informed of supernatural activity, of the strength and might and glory of the One, Who is Lord over life and death and the whole of creation, Who does not want His living creations to descend into darkness and therefore sends an exceedingly bright radiating light from above .... And one such light will bear witness to Me and become a talking point. And once it shines you will know that the end is not far away, that humanity has been granted just a short reprieve, for if he is not listened to and his warning call remains unsuccessful then nothing can save the unspiritual world anymore .... then the end will have come without fail as it is proclaimed in Word and Scripture ....




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