Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 4971 21.09.1950

Examining deviating spiritual information ....

Don't fail to appeal to God for clarification when you have questions or doubts in your heart, because He, Who is the eternal Truth Himself, also wants you to live in truth and brightly and clearly recognise it as such. You have the right to raise questions, as bearers of light you must be knowledgeable in order to be able to instruct your fellow human beings correctly, and thus you are entitled to criticise if you are not convinced that the spiritual knowledge you receive from external sources is the truth. In that case it is not just your right but also your duty to establish clarity for the sake of truth, in yourselves as well as in regards to those who spread error and claim it is truth. God always remains true to Himself and thus His Word will also always be the same, just as His will turns into an action in keeping with His plan of eternity. No-one will ever be able to claim to have received something from God as truth which deviates from His eternal Word, for His Word will never change. Whatever He announces through seers and prophets will come to pass according to His Word. But the meaning of His Word can be understood differently by people and therefore it is necessary to explain time and again how He wants His Word to be understood. And these explanations can only be conveyed to people from the spiritual kingdom, which repeatedly happens through divine revelations, through the direct transmission of the pure truth, by God speaking to suitable people through the voice of their heart directly but also by way of beings of light, which themselves live in absolute truth and also want to impart it to people on earth. Consequently, only the purest truth comes forth from God as well as from the kingdom of light to people, providing they sincerely desire it and the recipient himself accepts this truth without distorting it, which depends on his degree of maturity .... God does not deny Himself to anyone who appeals to Him for the pure truth, He grants it to him without reservation, yet the applicant is not always capable of receiving spiritual knowledge, that is, of understanding it as it should be understood .... The truth comes forth purely and clearly from the spiritual kingdom, however, a heart not entirely pure will cloud it and then pass on ambiguous spiritual knowledge; this is why the degree of maturity of someone who wants to spread the truth on earth will determine its purity. The spiritual information does not come spoilt from above; instead it is distorted by the human being's will if he lacks the necessary degree of maturity which shapes him into a proper recipient of divine truth. Hence this is the explanation for minor variations which nevertheless cannot be considered an error.

However, completely contradictory messages from the spiritual kingdom claiming to be irrefutable truth necessitate a serious examination. For then different forces will be the points of origin of the proclamations and should therefore be subjected to a stringent review. And again, the degree of maturity of the one who desires to receive spiritual knowledge has to be examined first, albeit this is not easy for you humans, since a person's inner nature is not so openly accessible to you as to be able to assess the person's quality. But then you must keep to the Word which was once spoken by God and which will never lose its meaning, even if eternities pass by .... If therefore an explanation completely deviates from this Word you can rightfully believe it to be a deception by dark forces which pretend to be knowledgeable and which only succeed with people who seek contact with the spiritual world without having the necessary maturity to be a receiving terminal for the pure truth. Hence their hearts are not yet pure enough in order to serve as a receiving vessel for the divine spirit but who are nevertheless spiritually arrogant .... since they want to be something they are not and so fall prey to the forces of the underworld. The latter will understandably instruct them regarding their raised questions, but not truthfully so as to deepen the darkness with error where light is sought. God imposed conditions which must be fulfilled if the human being wants to hear His Word in direct contact with Him, which guarantees purest truth .... and the first condition is to shape the heart into a worthy vessel of His spirit through selfless love .... Love includes profound humility, childlike prayer and the utter submission of will to the divine will. Anyone fulfilling these conditions can confidently establish contact with the kingdom of light and need not fear to receive error or not to recognise the truth as such. As a recipient of divine truth he will also be able to legitimately advocate it, and his teaching, his knowledge, will always concur with the Word of God, which eternally remains as unchanged as it came forth from Him .... He will always know the truth because he will be instructed by God Himself, the Eternal Truth ....




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