Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 4985 19.10.1950

'Deliver us from evil ....'

Deliver us from evil .... You are often approached by temptations which are indeed permitted by Me but which are always My adversary's activity, because he also fights for every soul and therefore tries to influence the human being to oppose Me, thus to encourage him to sin. These temptations are always an obstacle for the human being which can make him fall, yet I, too, won't leave him without grace as a countermeasure against Satan. I, too, will come forward, distinctly and recognisably, when the human being is facing a crucial decision, when he is pushed off the right path by My adversary's cunning and is still uncertain. Then a short quick prayer is enough, a thought to Me: Deliver us from evil .... I will clearly step forward by revealing the right path to him, and I will show him the darkness of the other path he was in danger of taking .... I will assist every person who merely sends a questioning and imploring thought to Me. I will certainly allow temptations to take place, for the adversary is also entitled to exert his influence, after all, it concerns the free decision of will, and for this the human being must be subjected to both influences, the good as well as the evil. Yet he need not succumb defencelessly, he will always be able to give resistance, because I will help him once he has taken the path to Me. And then I will show him very clearly which power wants to harm him .... I want to deliver you humans from all evil, I want to liberate you from the control of the one who caused your constrained state, it is My will that you shall become happy, that you shall no longer feel pressurised by the one who intends to ruin you, who entices you to fall and who spares no means in doing so. He will even appear to you as an angel of light if he thinks that this will be successful, he wants to possess you and uses cunning and trickery. And yet he will find his Master in Me, for once a soul has chosen Me it will never again fall prey to him. But woe to the person who is enslaved by him .... For he will hold him tightly until the latter beseeches Me for help, which will surely be granted to him. Deliver us from evil .... Often voice these words in your heart and you will always feel My help, for with this appeal you testify to Me, because you call upon Me to help you against the one who is My adversary and your enemy ....



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