Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5028 25.12.1950

Battle of faith - Immense adversity - Professing Christ ....
Saviour ....

Remain in constant faith in your God and Father, Creator of Heaven and of Earth and Ruler of the spiritual kingdom in Power and in Glory .... remain in faith in Him even in greatest adversity and profess Him before the world .... This is demanded of you humans and requires much strength, especially during the last days before the end. And only those people will endure who request the strength for it from Me and constantly accept it through My Word. You will all still get into great difficulties, you will be put under a lot of earthly and spiritual pressure to change your mind and to deny Me. Even you, who are faithful, will still have to pass tests of faith, although they are expected of you more for the sake of your fellow human beings than for your own sakes. You will manage to struggle through because you already have much strength, because you are in contact with Me and will not break this contact off, because I hold on to you with My love which you feel and return with all your heart. Nevertheless, you cannot be spared these tests of faith, after all, your steadfastness is intended to make your fellow human beings realise where you receive the strength from and how effective it is because you believe in Me. It will be like it was when I came into the world, where faith in Me was even lacking in those who were considered to be their fellow human beings' teachers and who, through their way of life, betrayed their shallow faith in a God of love, omnipotence and wisdom.

The same lack of faith will be in people now and those who are determined to make them deny God completely will find it easy and meet with little resistance, since people's faith is lifeless because they live without love. They don't believe in a God and Creator of eternity and even less in a divine Redeemer, Jesus Christ, in His act of Salvation and are therefore under the control of the one who wants to wrestle the souls from Me for good. He will not succeed for My love will not even let go of the lowest fallen souls. And therefore I allow Satan to do whatever he can think of in his hatred and delusion .... I allow it because I want to commence a new period of redemption as soon as there is no more hope that people will change on this earth. And thus he will rage until he goes too far, and you humans will experience the consequences and full force of his hatred, for he will fight those of you who belong to Me and wage a brutal battle.

Nevertheless, you should fearlessly anticipate this time, for I, too, will work extraordinarily, but with love and not hatred. And love will triumph, I will come to you as your Saviour when you are in greatest distress, but I predict this adversity time and again so that you will not waver in your faith but realise that everything will come to pass which I announced to you through seers and prophets, through My disciples of the last days, who work in My name in order to convey strength and comfort to you when you are in desperate situations. I Myself will always be close to you and this certainty will give you strength, and you will prevail until the end even in the staunchest battle of faith, I will fight by your side and victory will be ours ....



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