Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5062 12.02.1951

Re-incarnation ....

You are given a light from above where it is still dark within you. And My messengers are instructed to make the light accessible to all who desire it. Whatever contributes towards the enlightenment of spirit will be conveyed to them, so that they will indeed be able to distinguish between truth and error and always recognise the One Who is truth Himself. You, My earthly children, are destined for the greatest bliss I can prepare for you; but the degree of beatitude will always correspond to your will, for this is not determined by Me. Utmost bliss, however, also makes utmost demands on your will, for in order to achieve childship to God, which assures you the Father's inheritance, you have to be perfect too, just as your Father in heaven is perfect. I expect much of you earthly children, but I give infinitely more still. What I expect of you is complete subordination to My will and transformation to a high degree of love. For the degree of bliss in eternal life can differ considerably, it always depends on the degree of love you kindle and activate within yourselves.

Hence this activity of love determines the degree of maturity and therefore also the degree of bliss, so it follows that childship to God requires a life of utter love on earth, so that the human being's nature will be changed into love, into My image, into My true child, for whom I have prepared all delights, as I have promised. The soul's childship to God has to be the result of a single life on earth, because this high degree of maturity cannot be achieved in the kingdom of the beyond anymore, albeit even there a being will still be able to attain an undreamt of abundance of light. Nevertheless, a being of light can, if it re-incarnates in the flesh on earth for the purpose of a leadership mission, acquire its childship to God, but this necessitates an extremely sorrowful and difficult earthly life as well as a redeeming activity on earth, which was the reason of its repeated embodiment. Only beings with a high degree of light will undertake a repeated incarnation on earth, but purely for love of misguided human beings, whom they want to help in times of greatest spiritual hardship.

Alternatively, every light-receiving soul in the spiritual kingdom can also be called blissful to a degree, and this bliss suffices to trigger its will into helping beings who still languish in darkness, whose condition they know and want to remedy. No soul of light lacks this willingness to help, because receipt of light presupposes love, and love constantly wants to express itself. Every loving deed in the spiritual kingdom increases the beings' beatitude, and such a being will never ever desire to return to earth, after all it recognises a vast sphere of activity for its strength of love and also feels the ever increasing abundance of light and happiness. But no being will be returned to earth against its will, since this would contravene My divine order. Beings of light, even of a low degree, do not harbour this will, only exceptionally elevated spirit beings descend to earth in oder to carry out the above mentioned mission. As soon as a soul has but a modest degree of awareness it also knows about the opportunity of further development in the spiritual kingdom, for then its love has been kindled or it would still be completely in the dark .... But if a soul is still spiritually blind then its desire to return to earth might surface, but never for the purpose of spiritual maturing, it is only drawn to earth by its desire for matter which I, on My part, will not comply with .... For this desire can be more easily overcome in the kingdom of the beyond than on earth, and without the surmounting of this desire there will be no light, no spiritual progress.

Anyone who neglected to acquire a tiny spark of understanding on earth, which thus assumes deeds of love, will also be in profound darkness in the beyond, and to return him to earth would not be an act of mercy but an infringement of My eternal order, which pursues constant progress and excludes any kind of regression due to My will. However, in this case re-incarnation would be an unfair compensation for the soul's failure on earth, it would not be love and mercy on My part but a huge burden for the soul, which would have to accept the responsibility for a second time without any guarantee of achieving its goal. And it would not achieve its goal either, for repeated embodiment would understandably present it with far greater demands in order to balance the exceptional privilege, whereas its will would once again remain free .... Thus it would have to undergo a test of will twice, which would mean the same as if I would double a person's life time on earth and thus bypass an existing natural law .... Also, having failed on earth once, a soul would be constrained and its will weakened by My adversary again, since the path to Me, to the divine Redeemer, is blocked by Satan by means of the world, since it will have desired it as well as matter and will receive what it desires .... Only the being's will is decisive at all times, but this very will is not interested in embodiment on earth once the soul has but a glimmer of knowledge.

However, a soul which is still lost in utter darkness will not be allowed to re-incarnate because My wisdom knows of the danger and frequent futility of a repeated earthly progress and My love does not support regression but only advancement. My eternal law is development and progress .... I only encourage opportunities for higher development which, admittedly, could also be unsuccessful but then only due to the being's will. Regression can only be caused by the being's will, never by My will. Individual instances of re-incarnation to earth happen for a special reason but do not justify the assumption that every soul will be able to return to earth deliberately once it has completed its path unsuccessfully or with only slight success.

Yet the fact that the soul repeatedly incarnates itself is certain, because it has to continue its higher development in the kingdom of the beyond and this always necessitates that it carries out its designated activity in a new embodiment on one of the countless creations which all serve as places to mature for the spiritual essence. But activity and tasks are of a different nature than on earth and cannot be explained to you humans either, merely the principles of redemption and maturity always consist of loving service.

Countless possibilities are at My disposal to beneficially influence the souls which had departed from earth in a still immature state. Life on this earth had promised exceptional success which, if unused, can never be made up again such that the beings can re-incarnate on earth any number of times; this is why the teaching of re-incarnation is misleading; thus isolated, justified instances should not lead to the assumption that every soul will re-incarnate on this earth, which would be far more detrimental than advantageous for the soul. The soul's free decision of will has to be made on earth, and with the help of the divine Redeemer Jesus Christ it is certainly possible to do so during one earthly life .... Anyone who rejects Him has forfeited an exceptional grace and has to struggle in the beyond until he acquires the understanding and still accepts His help over there.

Jesus' death on the cross is of such enormous significance for the salvation of all souls that it only requires the human will to become redeemed, but a will that fails also has to accept the consequences: indescribably difficult higher development in the spiritual realm or descent into the abyss, with the result of a repeated path through the whole of material creation .... a re-incarnation of undesirable consequence .... a tormenting state of endless duration until the human state has been reached again, which will then gives him a new opportunity to make his free decision of will. No being will be lost forever, but the time it takes to achieve beatitude is determined by the human being's will itself. Yet the law of eternal order will remain, for it is based on My wisdom and love which will never change ....



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