Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5091 22.03.1951

Spiritual community ....
Working together ....

A spiritual community can convey many blessings, for it distributes My Gospel in Words and deeds. However, I do not call members of an organised association a spiritual community but only people who, in spiritual unity, strive towards the same goal of coming close to the truth and thus to Me and who therefore also want to lead their fellow human beings to Me. For organisations can also exist without truly spiritually striving members, and I only acknowledge spiritual aspiration as the right desire for Me. An association of people who seriously discuss spiritual topics, whose hearts silently love Me and desire a bond with Me, is a spiritual community which is pleasing to Me, My blessing will always rest on them and the very spiritual work they do will be blessed by Me. Wherever they are together I dwell among them and guide their thoughts in the right direction, I intervene in their conversations Myself by expressing Myself through a person who is particularly devoted to Me, who will then effectively instruct the others and also be acknowledged because the others will feel that I Am at work, because they will feel addressed by Me and will be convinced that what they hear is true. A spiritual community will always render Me a great service, for they will achieve far more than an individual person can achieve by only working for Me and My kingdom. Yet every individual person should try to gain followers for Me, every individual should strive to expand the spiritual community and always lead new labourers to Me because many reapers will be needed during the last days and the work that still needs to be accomplished before the end will require every effort. Together you can be very successful, for people will always look at a solitary person with distrust and lend little credence to his words. However, as soon as other like-minded people join him everything he says and does becomes significant. Therefore try to find like-minded people with the same striving to be of service to Me and to do redemptive work on earth during the last days before the end. By doing so you will gain very much yourselves but you will also gain new souls which you can lead to Me, which you can prepare for their mission of becoming co-workers for Me and My kingdom, to whom you can proclaim the Gospel so that they will pass it on to all those who suffer spiritual hardship. What is not possible for an individual person can be achieved by many; they will find it easier to be believed and will always be strengthened by Me, for I bless all who are of service to Me ....




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