Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5114 25.04.1951

'I came to My Own and they did not accept Me ....'

I came to My Own and they did not accept Me, they did not recognise Me .... I Am rarely recognised by people when I approach them on the way, hence they either do not accept My offering as a divine gift or they pay only little attention to it. But I want to be recognised by people so that they can utilize My gift of grace properly and apply it for the benefit of their soul. I often knock in vain at the door of their hearts which remains closed to Him, Who brings the most beneficial gift, Who wants to give them a gift of incalculable value. They do not grant Me entry, they do not want to listen to Me and thus reject the most valuable gift although they are in urgent need of it. I came to My Own and they did not accept Me because they did not recognise Me ....

Many want to belong to My Own, many pride themselves about belonging to My church and yet do not know My voice when I want to gather them as a good shepherd and coax and call them .... They do not know My voice and stay away from Me .... But My sheep know the voice of their shepherd .... because I send to My Own Words of love from above, to those who open their heart and allow Me to enter as soon as I wish to enter. Only few recognise Me although every person would have the means to do so if they were willing to look for their eternal Father, because I would allow Myself to be found by them. But there is little longing for Me and thus they do not hear My Word either, which is the evidence of My Being and the visible proof of My love for human beings. And when it is made accessible to them by other people they lack faith and thus also comprehension for My love and mercy which give them the means to reach their goal on earth, to unite with Me by way of love.

It is easily comprehended by My Own who allow Me to speak to them and then make use of the gifts in accordance with My will. I can approach and reveal Myself to them and they will no longer doubt Me, they will accept Me anytime in their heart's abode and hear My Word directly. They will contemplate My Word in their heart and proceed accordingly .... And they will also understand My Word which I spoke on earth, that My kingdom is not of this world.

Because they are now aware of the kingdom of God, they recognise the Father Who wants to come to His Own and Who is not acknowledged by people who live without love. But whoever lives in accordance with My Word has love within himself and is lead by it to realisation .... he follows My call because he has recognised Me ....



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