Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5131 14.05.1951

Pillars of the church ....
Vineyard work ....
Labourers - instruments ....

I have drawn you close to Me due to sheer love .... I have known for eternity who has surrendered his opposition to Me and whom I can therefore use to serve Me as an instrument in the last days before the end. As yet you don't know the hour of the end, I still spread a veil across the final things happening on this earth. Yet you, My loyal followers, shall be informed of My plan of Salvation; I will also let you know the time if necessary, so that you use the knowledge for the benefit of your fellow human beings without informing them of it, because the knowledge of the day and the hour would cause them harm, and thus I can only notify My most privy and loyal labourers and only in a way which will not restrict their faith and will. This is why I test My servants' hearts in advance, but I also give them the strength to pass every test, and thus the few will emerge who, in the end, will have to render a great service for Me and shall also be capable of doing so. I know your hearts, I know your will and I Myself come to bring you what you desire .... light and strength. And thus you will become strong pillars of My church on earth which no earthly and spiritual power will be able to pull down because you will firmly resist those who want to attack its foundations. I will need strong-minded and staunchly faithful people at the end of this earth ....

And I know such people everywhere and prepare them for the final battle that will be waged against Me and everything of a spiritual nature. However, the preparation will take place by introducing them to My eternal plan of Salvation, in order to explain My reign and activity as well as all events to them for the first time and in order to thereby strengthen their faith in Me, which will afterwards enable them to work diligently and successfully in My vineyard. In addition I will convey light and strength to them, i.e., extensive knowledge which will qualify their work as teachers and also give them strength and inner conviction to prevail against all hostilities from the side of darkness. I will educate an army of strong fighters for Myself, but whom I will also sustain and support until it has completely fulfilled its task .... until it has gained victory over the enemy in the last battle on this earth. I know you and your will and bless you that you have submitted yourselves to Me, I take possession of you and will never ever let you go again .... I need you during these last days because I want to influence your fellow human beings through you, whom I will send to you so that you can carry out your vineyard work on them .... And because I need you I will also take care of you until you have fulfilled your mission, until the end has come, which is imminent for all of you. I want to pour out My spirit over all of you so that you realise which time you are living in and My spirit will let you know when the day will come which is proclaimed in Word and Scripture ....



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