Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5132 17.05.1951

The working of the Spirit ....

The great secret of divine love is His spirit which is poured out on you. It is not possible for you humans to penetrate this secret until you are imbued by this divine spirit, for it is precisely this which enables you to think right, to think in all truthfulness, and only then will you begin to also vaguely understand divine love, then you will have a faint glimmer of realisation, for something Divine has touched you and kindled a light in you, because the Divine Itself is Light. The spirit of God is effectively the expression of Himself .... an emanation of His divine light of love into infinity, and depending on the state of maturity of the bound spiritual substance within His works of creation so will be the effect on it .... The expression of strength stimulates the spiritual substance which is still subject to the law of compulsion into constant activity, which takes place outwardly, i.e., it is visible to the human eye .... yet in the state of free will, when the spiritual essence is embodied as a human being, the effect of the divine emanation of strength is different .... Then it no longer affects the external, physical form but the spiritual substance bound within it, the soul of the human being, and thus awakens it to life, i.e., the spiritual strength impels the soul into an activity which promotes its perfection.

That is the strength of the spirit, the divine emanation of love, which irrevocably propels the soul towards God .... For it is light and strength, God's infinitely effective flow of love which has to deify that which is touched by it. God pours out His spirit .... The person who opens his heart to him, who simply wants to be touched by God's love, exposes himself consciously and voluntarily to His emanation of light, he enters His circuit of love, and God's strength, His spirit, permeates him, and depending on the human being's maturity of soul the abundance of the divine spirit will be recognisable in him. The less impurities are surrounding the soul, the easier it can be penetrated by God's light which reflects with an overwhelmingly powerful brilliance back onto the whole person, who spiritualises himself increasingly more the more he allows the flow of divine light and strength to enter him. However, the spirit of God does not lose itself in infinity but actually draws everything to itself and thus unites the soul which exists outside of divine love with itself again as soon as the soul allows itself to be affected by it, hence, as soon as it turns towards the Eternal Love in order to receive Its gift. Then no distance will exist between the Creator and His created being anymore, then the strength of the spirit will have achieved the unity, then the spiritual spark which once emerged from Him will have been consumed by the fire of the divine spirit of love, it will have united itself with its Father-Spirit of eternity .... as an overjoyed being it will be in the proximity of the One Who is the Light and the Strength of eternity ....



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