Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5153 17.06.1951

The souls' redemption from the abyss through Jesus Christ ....
Beyond ....

The cross of Christ is the sign of hope for all who have fallen, who are unhappy in their situation, be it on earth or in the kingdom of the beyond. The cross of Christ will show them that there is still salvation, a way out, which only has to be taken in order to surface from the abyss, from the kingdom of darkness, into the dawning morning. The cross of Christ points to the path of ascent which will never lead astray. For the One Who died on the cross due to His love for sinful humanity initiated this path, He paid the purchase price for the existing souls in the abyss, and every soul can utilise this privilege, the path of ascent is now open to every soul providing it has chosen Jesus Christ, the divine Redeemer, as its goal, providing it wants to leave the abyss in order to reach Him. Then it will be entitled to redemption, then the divine Redeemer Himself will lift it from the abyss, then its sins will be washed away by His blood, the guilt of sin will be cancelled and the act of Salvation will not have been made in vain for this soul. Jesus Christ died for all human beings, for people past, present and future ....

He descended into hell .... He also made the blessings of the act of Salvation available to the souls in the abyss, and there is salvation for the souls even in the kingdom of the beyond, yet never without Him, for only the blood He had shed for the sins can pay for the sins of a soul, and His forgiveness has to be consciously requested, He also has to be acknowledged as the 'Redeemer of sin' in the spiritual realm, or a deliverance from darkness will be impossible. An inconceivable act of love was accomplished by the man Jesus on earth, and this act of love is also effective in the beyond, His mercy even follows the souls who had passed away from earth without redemption. Yet, like on earth, the soul must willingly want to find salvation through Jesus Christ in the beyond too, that He should have mercy upon its suffering, that His love should seize it and raise it from the abyss. For this reason, the knowledge of Jesus Christ and His act of Salvation as well as the belief in both is vitally important and has to be conveyed to the souls, if they have not gained it on earth already. But this work is far more difficult than on earth, for the souls of darkness have little knowledge and power of perception and are therefore not easily taught.

Nevertheless, their state is not hopeless when they are in distress and appeal for help to be delivered from their present situation. Then they will not be completely obstinate, and knowledge can be conveyed to them through intercession and loving mental instructions which will enable them to direct their thoughts towards Jesus Christ, the divine Saviour, and call upon Him themselves .... And every call in faith and confidence in His help will be heard .... Then the path of ascent will have begun and will be travelled step by step with His help. There is salvation from the abyss, but never without Jesus Christ .... This is what the souls in the beyond also need to know, otherwise they would never turn their thoughts towards Him, Who alone can save them from their hardship, Who, with love and mercy, is constantly willing to alleviate suffering and change an agonising state of affairs into a state of beatitude .... Nevertheless, it always requires the being's will, and to change this correctly requires a lot of intercession on the part of people with faith and love, who are therefore also able to help those who are still unredeemed ....



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