Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5212 15.09.1951

God is good and righteous ....

I Am a good and righteous God, and time and again My kindness and mercy will be experienced by you humans if you have done wrong, although I cannot disregard anything sinful .... yet I take all your weaknesses into account, I do not judge you humans as I once judged you when you had been perfect; for now you are imperfect creatures without correct realisation and of weak will. Nevertheless, I must urge you to regain your perfection. I must reproach you for your sins, I must inform you of what is right and what is wrong, what corresponds to My will and what you should do in order to become perfect again. And therefore I cannot ignore any transgressions either, although I look upon them through the eyes of clemency and mercy. For you need not sin even if you are weak, because you can use My strength and grace which is at your disposal. Thus I have to remind you to always request My strength, to appeal for My gifts of grace and not to go through life without imploring Me for support. I Am good and righteous .... therefore I cannot abide you acting wrongly but have to confront you with injustice until you have recognised it as injustice and endeavour to think and act righteously. You must recognise sin in order to avoid it and I want to help you in this, for I Am a good God, a God of love and not a God of wrath Who punishes when His living creation has transgressed ....

I Am a Father of My children, and a father wants to win his children over with love. All the same, He cannot overlook the injustice due to false love, because this will not lead the child to perfection; perfection, however, is the human being's ultimate goal on earth. Let yourselves be drawn and educated by Me, also humbly accept a reprimand, for it is just a means of making you realise a wrong action in order to subsequently avoid it. And always keep to My commandment of love .... Then you will also conduct yourselves in a good and right way .... be kind and merciful yourselves and don't judge heartlessly; try to emulate Me in everything, My patience, gentleness, humility and peacefulness, and if you are at risk of failing call upon Me for help, for strength and grace. And you will receive it whenever you appeal to Me for it. Only I know your weakness, your spiritual hardship and also your will .... I Am a God of love, I Am a Judge Who is full of forbearance and tries everything in order to change you before His judgment of you .... You only need to direct your will towards Me so that I can help you if you become weak .... Then I will always let kindness and mercy prevail, even when you have done wrong ....



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