Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5219 26.09.1951

Serious reference to the end ....

Your days are numbered .... You won't live on this earth for long anymore, your lives will be shortened because the time I granted humanity for its salvation has come to an end, and you, who are presently alive, belong to those who will live to see the end .... I will certainly still recall many beforehand whose souls would not survive the last battle for Me and My kingdom, and many will die far and wide, and the various reasons will not make you humans aware of the fact that the last action has already started, that it is already an act of mercy, because I give those souls the opportunity to continue their process of development in the kingdom of the beyond, which will no longer be possible once the last day has come .... You all have not much time left yet none of you know if he will not be snatched from the midst of life earlier, no-one knows when his hour has come .... Don't mourn those who go before you, for they are recalled by My love; but often remember them in your prayer so that they will make use of the blessings which will also be granted to them in the afterlife. I seriously admonish you all to prepare yourselves for your last hour, for you don't have much time left. I urgently warn you through the events in the world, and if only you kept your eyes open you would recognise the gravity of the hour, for I clearly speak to you through the signs of the time.

However, you humans only have eyes for the world, you give the world your every attention but fail to think of Me, and irritably you shrug everything off what could draw your attention to Me and the end .... You don't want to believe and therefore remain untouched by all happenings which only too clearly demonstrate the truth of My Word to you. It is high time .... yet not in a worldly sense but for penance, for a change of will, for turning back and for reflection .... Don't remain indifferent when I admonish you for whatever it may be .... Ask yourselves in what state you are in when you are being called to leave the earth and to enter through the gate of death into eternity .... Ask yourselves as whether you will be able to stand before My eyes and believe that the hour will soon arrive when your earthly life comes to an end .... Therefore, only take care of your souls and turn your eyes away from the world, for it will perish, the soul, however, is everlasting and its fate in eternity will be according to your way of life on Earth ....



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