Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5228 06.10.1951

Reply to unpleasant messages from Bietigheim ....

I want light to be brought to humanity and therefore I have prepared bearers of light for Myself who shall contribute to enlightening people's spirit with their abundance of light, with knowledge they received supernaturally and which completely corresponds to the truth, since I Myself Am the Provider of this knowledge .... I Myself transmit this knowledge to earth so that you humans can find your way out of spiritual darkness and enter into the bright light. I Am a God of love and mercy .... I know your weakness and sinfulness, I want to help you and with much forbearance and patience try to make you understand and change yourselves. Nevertheless, one day the time will have passed which you were granted for your transformation. And therefore I will constantly inform you humans as to what you should do, how you should live and what fate will await you if you act in opposition to My will .... I tell you all this by sending you My messengers, who thus proclaim Me and My will on My behalf ....

I Am a God of love, but also a God of justice, and I will keep My Word .... Do you humans know what that means? .... That everything I have promised you if you live in accordance with My will shall come to pass, but that everything that I announced as a consequence of your resistance to Me will also infallibly fulfil itself .... Eternal order has to be upheld, and the law of eternal order also includes the fact that a specific cause will bring about a specific effect .... Everything takes its time, but once time has run out the law will unfailingly fulfil itself ....

You humans do not have much time left, thus you would do well to get used to the thought that you might suddenly get called away or, if you are exceptionally blessed, that you will experience the end. Whatever arguments you use against it .... they are misguided and will not change the eternal plan of Salvation, which is known to everyone who seriously endeavours to grasp My Word and understand it. What I proclaim through My messengers to you humans is nothing new, references and warnings about the end have constantly been given to seers and prophets since the beginning of this period of Salvation, which must and will sound ever more urgent the closer you get to the end. It is not due to lack of love on My part when My Word fulfils itself, for even this final event has its foundation in My infinite love .... to enable and support higher development of those who failed of their own free will. I would not be a just God if I did not create a balance in a world which is more and more governed by the prince of darkness although it is destined to be a school for the spirit .... and must become it again in accordance with My eternal plan of Salvation ....




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