Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5235 14.10.1951

'Behold, I make all things new ....'

I make all things new .... Those of you humans who are as yet unenlightened, who have not yet awakened the spirit within you, do not know the meaning of My Words, for you do not believe in a transformation of this earth, you do not believe in the Last Judgment, in the end of one period of development and the beginning of a new one .... You do not know anything about My eternal plan of Salvation and therefore do not understand My Words either: Behold, I make all things new .... Each of My Words has several meanings which are not even known to My enlightened Own, for this understanding is still too profound for the people of this earth, yet they are aware of the simple meaning, that I will renew what has left My eternal order ....

I want to make a change, since the people of this earth are no longer striving for one and therefore miss the purpose of their earthly life. They have failed by not using their lives for eternity. Nevertheless, I will not let them get lost and therefore will give them the opportunity to cover the neglected process of development again, yet not as a repeat but in a completely different way .... For another process of development is an increased bestowal of grace and has to be acquired through increased effort, the opportunity of which is offered by completely new creations. Thus, first I will renew the school for the spirit, My earth, which shall support the development up to that of the human being.

I will provide it with entirely new creations of such diverse kind and shape that extremely large numbers of spiritual substances will have the opportunity to prove themselves therein. And I will let a new human generation arise, which will emerge from people who are blessed by Me, who will have completed their spiritual development with love and loyalty to Me, who will have attained a degree of maturity which permits exalted spiritual care, so that the new human generation will have every guarantee to achieve the highest possible spiritual perfection and the bound spirits, too, will be able to achieve maturity quickly, due to the exceptionally good influence exerted by people on all nearby creations .... I make all things new; I will also ease the conditions to release the spiritual substances yet without deviating from My law of eternal order, only caring for what is still living in constraint with profound love and mercy. Everything depressing will leave people, they will strive to ascend with full strength, because I alone will be the most Desirable for them and they will not be able to be pulled into the abyss by My adversary, who will be bound for a long time ....

I shall make a new heaven and a new earth .... that is, spiritually and earthly I will give happiness to the people who then will belong to Me and who shall also smooth the way for those who will follow them .... Which one of you humans can comprehend this? And which one of you humans believes firmly and without doubt that the old things will cease to be? That even people who are still distant from Me will cease to exist, that only the small flock which faithfully follows Me as their shepherd will not lose its life, because I have blessed this small flock and destined it for a continued life in the paradise of the new earth .... that a new period of Redemption will begin in accordance with My eternal plan of Salvation, which My love and wisdom have determined in order to ensure eternal life for the spirits? Behold, I make all things new .... Those of you who believe in Me remember these Words, consider them in your hearts and know, that the time has come when My Word will fulfil itself .... Believe firmly in it and be hopeful, and endure all difficulties you will still encounter until the end with patience and submission to My will. For the day will come very soon when I will fetch My Own to reveal the paradise to them of which it is written: 'I will make a new heaven and a new earth ....' and I Myself will dwell amongst My Own and will guide and teach them, as I have promised ....



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