Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5266 06.12.1951

World clock ....
Final hours ....

I want to inform those of you who believe in Me and have personally experienced My working that the world clock will soon run out, that the last hour will strike almost immediately and that My coming is imminent. People do not give credence to My relevant proclamations and only a few attach importance to them. Nevertheless, I keep telling you time and time again: The Day of Judgment is near and every person's life is at risk. However, I do not refer to your mortal life, instead, your spiritual life is at risk, for if you are unprepared when the day comes upon you, you will succumb to spiritual death and this is far worse than mortal death which only affects the body. You are only minutes away from the Day of Judgment and although I use a different measurement of time .... the time will pass by at a frightening rate and the end will arrive alarmingly soon. My faithful followers will feel it and, with increasing eloquence, draw their fellow human beings' attention to the Day of Judgment, but they will still not find any credence even when it becomes obvious that Satan is raging with all his might .... when the signs of the end are unmistakable and constantly increase .... The human race will cling to the world and refuse to believe that it will come to an end; even My voice from above will be ignored by them and that will be their downfall. Nevertheless you should speak to them and inform them of My admonitions and warnings even if they don't want to accept anything. They shall be warned so that no-one can say that they did not know anything .... because I Myself still want to draw every individual person's attention to it through personal indications, signs and events which affect him directly. Everyone shall be addressed by Me, even the greatest sinner and scorner of an eternal God .... They shall all still receive My grace beforehand so that they will not go astray if only they listen and make use of My gift of grace. And everyone will find the confirmation of My servants' Words, everyone will be forced to think about it .... but the result will be determined by his own will. But then the last Judgment will come without fail .... so that what I let seers and prophets proclaim to this day will come to pass. Yet woe to those who ignore My every admonition and warning .... Woe to those who have rejected My gifts of grace from above and live an irresponsible life on earth. My Word is truth and must come true, and thus you humans can expect this day with certainty, regardless of whether or not you are prepared .... Once the world clock has run out everything on earth will come to an end and I will only fetch My Own into My kingdom, My Own, who believe in Me as the Creator and Father of eternity and also courageously profess this faith before the world. The secular world, however, is a part of the one who will be bound again and, with him, everything that still adheres to him .... they will be judged on the last day and their fate will be profound darkness ....



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