Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5269 10.12.1951

Life energy - Spiritual energy ....

Never rely on your own strength. Although you have to activate your own will, i.e. you should not stay immobile and wait for help, you should always act in unity with Me and request My help and blessing and you will succeed. Your life energy entitles and enables you to be very busy indeed. But My will is in charge of everything and you cannot force My will; I, however, often find Myself compelled to oppose your will if this benefits your soul. Consequently your destiny also includes failures, futile plans and lack of success which you cannot avoid by using your own strength. Even your life energy is not of much use to you then and you frequently realise how little you can do by yourselves. All failures, all futile efforts, all sudden weaknesses are an indication that you should turn to the eternal Provider of strength, to appeal for His blessing and in recognition of your own inadequacy ask for an increase of strength and the success of every action.

Don't forget Me, that is why I often allow you to experience situations where your own strength fails; I have to show you that your own efforts are futile without My blessing, which you should request first so that you won't forget Me .... Cooperation with Me guarantees success; however, if you withhold yourselves from Me your efforts will be far more laborious and even then often unsuccessful. Nevertheless, you can enforce success but only with support of the strength from below which will always makes itself available to you in exchange for your soul .... Then you can be powerful on earth, then you will succeed in everything, then you can amaze your fellow human beings with supernatural works .... but then you will part with your freedom, then you are chained and completely in his, in Satan's, power ....

Don't ask for this strength from below even if it promises you an attractive earthly life .... Come to Me in heartfelt prayer, and call upon Me for strength and mercy and you will truly gain more than My opponent can offer you. But then you won't take possession of worldly goods, instead I will bless every earthly beginning you undertake. I will also bless you spiritually, which means, that your close bond with Me enables Me to endow you with spiritual strength which is far more valuable than your life energy, because working with spiritual strength is always successful even if you don't always know it. Don't ever exclude Me whatever you start because I always want to be your adviser, leader and helper, Who directs everything for the benefit of you souls ....



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