Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5271 13.12.1951

Large numbers of deaths ....
Recalling the weak ....
Decision ....

And it will come to pass as I have proclaimed .... A large number of deaths will happen prior to it, and you will look upon it as a coincidence, as an accident, you will accept any other explanation but the right one, that I Myself recall people in large numbers who would fail in the last battle on this earth, who are too weak to offer resistance and who nevertheless shall not fall into My adversary's hands either .... For I know the hearts of people and will never ever let anyone become a victim of ruin who still carries a small spark of love within himself and can still revive this spark, if not on earth then in the kingdom of the beyond, to where My love and mercy also reaches in order to bring help. It will come to pass as I have proclaimed. The scale of adversity and unhappiness will be such that everyone can recognise the time of the end if he wants to. But there will only be sorrow where My Own can be identified, for their sorrow will be caused by their fellow human beings in order to destroy My Own's belief in their God and Creator of eternity in Whom they see their Father and to Whom they want to remain faithful. My opponent works against Me and uses people belonging to him to accomplish most disgraceful actions against My Own .... He wants them to desert Me and thus proceeds by using brutal means against which My Own are barely capable of standing up to. Yet the strength of My love supports them, the strength of My love prevails, even if My Own outwardly suffer greatest adversity .... they remain firm and surmount everything that is hostile, because My strength enables them to do so. The time draws to a close ....

What does not seem believable to you today you will soon experience, there will be a momentous change in every respect which will adversely affect all people and demand of all people an attitude towards Me, the Creator and Provider of eternity. And this attitude can only consist of acknowledgment or rejection. That is the decision which will still have to be taken before the end. I will powerfully intrude into your thoughts and you can accept Me or reject Me .... yet the decision you then make will be for eternity .... And this is why My adversary's evil activity is being allowed, because he contributes towards the final decision for Me or for him .... he far exceeds his designated limits of authority, he presses My Own extraordinarily hard and gives to his followers in abundance .... earthly possessions, honour and fame, and therefore they would rather acknowledge him as their lord and renounce Me. Yet I will only allow those who are strong to experience the end, who are and will remain faithful to Me and constantly accept My strength of love. However, I will take care of the weak by recalling them before the end arrives, so that they will not fall into My adversary's hands and have to do penance for an infinitely long time. But those who are strong in doing evil will suffer death on the day of Judgment, for they, too, receive My grace often enough yet they take no notice of it and consciously join My opponent's camp, and thus they shall also share his fate when the end has come .... for everything will fulfil itself which was proclaimed through seers and prophets ....



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