Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5279 24.12.1951

Saviour and Physician ....

I brought you Salvation from utmost adversity when I descended to earth .... The Saviour was truly born to you, the Physician of your souls, Who wanted to help you recover from a serious illness, Who knew your ailment as well as how to cure it .... I came as Saviour, for humanity suffered great hardship. But even today it experiences the same difficulties; people are struck by a disease which will lead to death if nothing is done to stop it, if the Saviour is not made use of again, Who alone can help them attain life. Yet people don't recognise their ailment, they don't call for the Physician, they are incapable of living and don't have faith while they still live their physical life, which is the only one they deem desirable .... The adversity is far greater now than it was when I came into the word, for people know Me and forgot about Me, people know about a Physician Who is able to cure them but they don't call on him, people don't call upon a Saviour and yet they stand on the brink of the abyss ....

The night is dark and people don't see the light shining for them. Their thoughts certainly drift back to this time because it is tradition to think of Me just once, Who laid as a Babe in a manger. Yet they don't consider the significance of My arrival, because this requires a serious will and the realisation of spiritual hardship. I want to be a Physician and true Saviour again to anyone who calls upon Me in his heart; anyone who carries his sins to Me shall be forgiven by Me, to anyone who offers Me a loving heart I will bestow My blessing, with light and strength to recognise Me and to understand My act of Salvation, so that he can make use of it and so that I did not die on the cross in vain for him .... I came into the world .... Time and again I come to My children if only they accepted Me, if only they prepared the manger for Me in their hearts, if love enabled their heart to accept Me .... Like a true Physician and Saviour I would take effect in those who come to Me ailing and burdened by guilt, I want to release them from sickness and suffering, from darkness and sin, as soon as they merely consider Me and My mission on earth, as soon as they only believe in Me as the Redeemer of the world, Who took a tabernacle as His abode because He came to the poor, sick and weak who needed help in their adversity. Again I want to help and heal where I Am faithfully called upon as Saviour before the time is fulfilled, because it approaches its completion. Yet anyone who allows himself to be healed by Me need not fear the end for he will live in eternity ....



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