Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5305 28.01.1952

The last day will come suddenly and unexpected ....

A sudden end is being announced to you .... This has to be understood in a way that no-one is able to determine the day, that no-one knows the day which only My Own will be able to discern in view of the immense, almost unbearable adversity that has also been announced as an event occurring before the end. Many people certainly know that the time of the end has started and that it, sooner or later, will finish with this day .... they know this because it is talked about everywhere but they don't believe it so firmly as to prepare themselves for this day. Worldly people will be seized by a tremendous craving for pleasure, ever more greedily they pay homage to worldly pleasure and unscrupulously enjoy themselves at the expense of others, their wishes and demands become ever greater, and they sneeringly laugh at those who, in their belief in Me, ignore worldly pleasures, and cause them harm wherever possible. The world lives in sin .... And this shall be your certain sign, for you will experience things you wouldn't believe possible .... The evil conduct of your fellow men will reveal the hour on the world clock ....

And despite the fact that you will be able to observe everything and that the signs of the time are completely obvious, you, too, will be taken by surprise, for the end will come sooner than you think .... The end will come from one day to the next, that is, the activity of the world will pulsate extraordinarily sprightly and make people believe that they are on top of life, that they are in control and can shape their life to their liking .... My Own will closely watch this commotion and anticipate the downfall, yet they, too, believe that the Judgment will still be delayed in view of people's seething joy of life although their nature is appalling and heartless. However, the harassments by the latter will grow and I Myself will stop them .... For this reason I will come suddenly and unexpectedly even for My Own, for the sins of worldly people are disgraceful, Satan oversteps his authority and therefore his hour has come .... When no-one expects it the day will come which has been determined from the start .... the last day on this earth, which brings fear and horror for those people who belong to Satan, but which also signifies deliverance for My Own from utmost adversity .... the day of Judgment, when it will come to pass what has been proclaimed in Word and Scripture ....




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