Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5313 09.02.1952

Change of will through intercession ....

The realm of darkness holds its souls imprisoned because it doesn't require much strength to keep these souls tied up since, due to their weak will, they don't offer resistance .... However, this resolve can receive strength through intercession. You humans must realise that a loving prayer on behalf of these captured souls can be infinitely successful, they thereby begin to feel the arising desire to become free from Satan's chains. Often this desire only emerges in them for moments which, however, become increasingly longer the more often these souls are thought of in loving intercession. Then it is as if they awoke from a deep sleep, they become active and look for an opportunity to escape from their chains, for they experience the darkness as a constraint and desire light. Once this change has occurred as a result of loving prayers these souls will be willing to seek, and the tiniest ray of light will let them rush to its point of origin. They will start to come to life .... Even so, the prince of the nether world won't let them go that easily .... Therefore light and darkness will alternate in the beginning, from time to time they will come to realise their state and then wander about again in complete ignorance. For this reason these souls must be treated with kind-hearted patience, time and again they must receive an influx of strength through prayers, they must be called through loving thoughts and thus, time and again, be pulled out of their dark sphere, they must receive mental explanations and references to Jesus Christ, their Redeemer, so that they will turn to Him themselves and appeal to Him for help and mercy. Although the souls in the darkness are difficult to instruct and often obstinate, they nevertheless feel the benefit of a loving prayer and this also gradually softens their hardened heart, that is, through loving intercession a person can wrest such souls from the darkness and he will always be successful if he does not stop with his will to help, which also improves the soul's will. Evil souls often fight each other in the kingdom of the beyond, yet no dark soul will ever cause harm to a person who prays for them. A person's love will pacify even the most agitated soul, just as, in contrast, it revives and stimulates the weakest soul into improving its state. Loving intercession by people on earth is an immense redemption factor which is recognised far too little by people. Whenever these unfortunate souls are remembered, their desire for light arises and that always signifies a change of the souls' will, which is subsequently taken into account. The soul itself must want to be redeemed, and this resolve often arises as a result of a person's loving intercession .... Hence, love can still be practised even beyond death; souls can still be rescued from the darkness, for the strength of love can achieve anything ....



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