Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5314 10.02.1952

Love is the key to the spiritual kingdom ....

You will only be able to comprehend Me through love .... There is no other way you can win Me, no other way to recognise Me but through love. And thus you have the key which will open the door to My heart for you, the gate into the spiritual kingdom, to your Father's house. Without this key all access will remain blocked, everything My love, wisdom and omnipotence has created in the spiritual kingdom will remain hidden from you, without this key all knowledge of truth will remain concealed, you will lack all divine wisdom because without love you will be engulfed by darkness, since only love will give you light .... thus leading you into realisation. You would be incredibly mighty if you would heed My Words and live a life of love .... For love is also strength and nothing would be impossible for you if you would change your nature into love. Hence, with these Words I Am giving you the promise of an abundance of light and strength, of blissfulness, through the inflow of My Fatherly love, if you just unite yourselves with Me through deeds of love, if you just reciprocate My love for you .... Yet you don't believe My Words or you would all endeavour to live a life of love.

Why don't you put it to the test .... Let go off all selfish love, look around yourselves and wherever you see hardship try to bring help, wherever you find people suffering physical or psychological ailments try to heal them, give to them earthly and spiritually whatever they need, give them food and drink, and let go of your possessions if you thereby can ease the hardship of people in need. Try it and you will experience the truth of My Word, you will grow in strength and light, you will rise above your own earthly suffering, nothing will affect you which previously appeared to weigh you down, you will feel the strength of love in yourselves and the happiness of your union with Me, which you establish with every deed of love, will compensate you a thousand fold for what you have given away .... You will recognise Me and feel My hand holding you, you will feel the flow of My love's strength pour into you and, being spiritually brightly enlightened, you will be able to hear and behold what otherwise is hidden to you humans ....

Take the test and believe My Word, practise love .... and you will win Me and never ever lose Me again .... Believe Me, for I truly won't instruct you wrongly, I want you to become blessed, and since only love is able to turn you into happy beings I constantly just urge you to love ....

Yet then you will have to combat the spirit within you which is lacking all love and to which you owe your earthly existence .... He impels you to selfish love, he wants to extinguish the divine spark within you, he wants to prevent you from living a life of love. Hence you will have to fight it, that is, you have to fight your own cravings which only increase your selfish love and weaken the true love towards Me and your neighbour, so that you will be unable to experience the strength of love yourselves .... Fight against it and follow Me, accept these Words in your heart and act accordingly, and your fate will be the complete union with Me and infinite bliss ....



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