Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 5331 07.03.1952

Earthly knowledge in the beyond? ....

All earthly attained knowledge will be of no use to you, for it will only adhere to you for as long as you live on earth. When you enter the kingdom of the beyond, you will lose all memory of it if you have not spiritually acquired a degree of maturity which makes you suitable for the kingdom of light, where you are brightly and clearly aware of everything and, in an urgent situation, will also be able to make use of the earthly knowledge you retained. Yet an unbelieving soul departing from earth is in a pitiful position, for the more earthly knowledge it possessed the more aware of its wretched state of lacking all knowledge it will then become, of remembering little or nothing at all and of being unable to show off in any way. Such souls also frequently lack the recollection of their living conditions on earth and only regain their memory if they make an effort to ascend, to reach the light. But then such a soul will also be extremely grateful for every illumination and thereby realise its state, its omission on earth and also often its guilt. You are repeatedly informed of the fact that you create your own fate in eternity on earth .... that you should beware of striving for earthly wealth, fame and honour and excessive earthly knowledge on earth, because all this is transient .... Earthly knowledge will not protect you from spiritual darkness; on the contrary, earthly knowledge can greatly contribute towards darkening your spirit, this should always be a warning to you, for it will be difficult to gather knowledge in the spiritual realm for a soul which had previously never been receptive for that which the spiritual kingdom wanted to offer it, because it had made itself incapable for receiving spiritual knowledge.

Yet a soul in possession of spiritual and earthly light can work with it exceedingly effectively in the spiritual kingdom .... For it will also be able to help people on earth with advice in their earthly difficulties and make use of its earthly knowledge where it is needed. The souls of darkness are also often influenced by forces from below to express themselves and to come to the fore with their apparent knowledge, yet in that case it is not the soul itself but the dark forces expressing themselves through the soul which are deliberately trying to spread error amongst people in order to confuse their thinking in favour of the dark power. This is the reason why connections from earth to the spiritual realm are detrimental if the spiritual conditions are not present so that spiritually striving people consciously contact the world of light if they want to be instructed and through prayer for protection from error and evil beings don't give dark forces any opportunity to express themselves .... Only beings which are enlightened themselves are able to distribute light, and these beings should be consciously called upon .... And they will gladly share their knowledge and give it to those people who want to receive spiritual wealth, because this alone is valuable and everlasting and because this is all the soul can take with it into the spiritual kingdom ....



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